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NEC successfully delivered the "APG" submarine optical cable project connecting 11 locations in Asia. Recently, NEC announced that it had completed all the engineering construction of the high-capacity submarine optical cable Asia Pacific Gateway (APG) connecting 11 locations in Asia between Japan and Singapore, and had delivered it to an alliance of 13 international telecommunications enterprises in Japan, the United States and Asia

apg submarine optical cable system connects Japan, South Korea, Chinese Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, with a total length of about 10900km. It adopts a new optical wavelength division multiplexing transmission system that can transmit 100gbps per second, which can achieve a transmission capacity of more than 54tbps per second

submarine optical cable APG roadmap of submarine optical cable project

the members of the alliance include 13 companies, including Thailand cat company, China Mobile International, China Telecom with more price advantage, China Unicom, Chinatelecom, Korea Telecom KT, LG uplus, Japan NTT communication, Singapore StarHub, France global transit, Vietnam Telecom viettel and Vietnam post and telecommunications group VNPT

with the completion of the APG project, it can not only fully respond to the surging demand of the Asian network, but also complement the submarine optical cables in other regions of Asia, improve the redundancy of the network, so as to achieve high-capacity and high reliability communication

as a top supplier with more than 40 years of experience in submarine cable industry, NEC has rich achievements in Japan and the Pacific region. The total length of submarine optical cables laid is more than 250000 kilometers, which can circle the earth for six weeks. As a system integrator, NEC will make greater contributions to the company's industrial development and progress by providing a full range of services such as the manufacturing of optical transmission devices used on land, submarine optical cable repeaters, submarine optical cables and other products, marine survey and route design, installation and laying of submarine optical cable systems, and from training to delivery experiments. In addition, the submarine optical cables used in this project are manufactured by NEC subsidiary OCC Co., Ltd., which is the only company in Japan that can provide submarine optical cables that can withstand the water pressure of 8000 meters deep sea

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