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This week we need to pay attention to these three U.S. stocks: apple, 3b home, General Electric

this week we need to pay attention to these three U.S. stocks: apple, 3b home, General Electric

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original title: this week we need to pay attention to these three U.S. stocks: apple, 3b home, General Electric

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the first trading week in 2019 is exactly the same as expected. With the volatility peaking, investors seem to be at a loss in this highly uncertain environment

considering the weakness of the Chinese market, apple lowered the iPhone sales outlook, causing the major U.S. stock index to fall sharply last Thursday. Moreover, data on the same day showed that the ISM manufacturing index was lower than analysts' expectations, raising concerns about the peak of the U.S. economy

but Friday is a completely different situation. After the strong employment report and the Fed said it would respond flexibly to its interest rate policy, the US stock market rose sharply, rebounding from its worst two-day performance since 2000. Looking forward to the future, we expect the error source of the electronic testing machine Shenyuan new materials 1million tons of caprolactam project construction analysis, the current volatility trading mode will not change

there are three high-profile stocks that may attract investors' attention this week:

1. As one of the world's most valuable technology giants, apple (nasdaq:aapl) has not had a smooth start this year

aapl weekly, market source: Yingwei financial situation

after the share price fell by about 7% in 2018, apple began the new year with a sharp fall of 10% last Thursday, almost after the company unexpectedly lowered its revenue guidance for the first quarter, claiming that this was due to the weak performance of the Chinese market. At present, Apple's share price has fallen by more than 39% from the record high set in October

however, if there is good news in the coming week, apple is expected to rebound and recover some of its lost ground. The company will release its first quarter earnings after hours on January 29. It is actually a wise move for apple to lower its performance expectations before that

the technical aspect also shows that the selling range of Apple has been exaggerated. After falling 39% in just three months, the weekly relative strength index released by apple hit its biggest decline since the 2008 crisis, falling to about 30

2, 3b home

if U.S. consumers do spend strongly in the holiday retail season in the last three months of 2018 as the report indicates, then the third quarter financial report released by home furnishing giant 3B home company (nasdaq:bbby) after trading on Wednesday, January 9 will bring good news

bbby weekly, market source: Yingwei finance

analysts' average expected earnings per share is $0.17 and sales are $3.04 billion. This will be a sharp decline from the same period last year, when the household goods and cooking utensils retailer reported a 0-per-share profit when it was in construction or high-altitude performance 44 dollars

faced with fierce competition from online retailers, 3b home is difficult to attract more customers to its stores. Steven temares, CEO of the company, said that there is no doubt that its e-commerce functions need to be improved, but in store promotional activities will become the key to retain customers

in the past quarter, the comparable sales of 3B home in the same store decreased by 0.6%, shrinking for the sixth consecutive quarter. 3b home's share price has fallen by more than 45% in the past year, continuing the sharp decline since the beginning of 2015

3. General Electric

General Electric Company (nyse:ge) seems unable to arouse investors' interest

ge weekly, market source: Yingwei Caiqing

once powerful global industrial groups are now in trouble because the demand for their core products is weakening. With the advent of 2019, this situation seems to show no signs of improvement

the share price of General Electric has fallen by about 60% in the past year. In addition, this cash strapped company has almost completely cancelled its once generous dividends - now the dividend yield is only 0.04%. In the past, GE has attracted millions of shareholders seeking fixed income with reliable dividend payment

after a large-scale sale, there are signs that the company's business restructuring is slowly moving forward. On Friday, Bloomberg reported that Apollo Global Management Co., Ltd. is discussing with bankers how to buy all or part of GE's Jet leasing business, which may be worth up to $40billion

the news increased GE's share price by 2%. If the asset management company confirms the deal, GE's share price is expected to continue to rise in the coming week. It will provide a lot of money for general electric and accelerate the spin off of GE Capital, which once contributed half of its profits to its parent company

Ge is also taking steps to divest its healthcare sector. Its ultimate goal is to focus on manufacturing jet engines and power equipment

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