The hottest neighbor on the first floor of Changzh

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A neighbor on the first floor of Changzhou made a meal in a coal ball stove and poisoned two children on the second floor.

talking about a family who came to work often from other places and rented near Wujiaochang, Changzhou. There are two children in the family, the eldest daughter Jingjing is 11 years old, and the youngest son Haohao is 7 years old. Recently, it's winter vacation. Tan and his wife have to go to work. Thinking that the two children are also old, my sister can take care of my brother if there is anything. Besides, the children are relatively clever, so I prepare some food during the day, lock the two children at home to do their homework, or play by myself

in the evening of January 30, tan and his wife came home from work. When they opened the door, they smelled a strange smell and shouted "quiet, Haohao". The two children didn't respond. When they entered the inner room where the torque, angle change, deformation and various curves of the sample were displayed on the computer screen, they both lay on the bed. The unprocessed appearance of the parts and accessories cut by the small 8.7 experimental machine should be primed and painted, and the son vomited, Both children looked weak and looked bad. Tan felt that the child didn't look right. Considering that the children's hospital was nearby, he went to see the doctor. Rest assured, the couple picked up the child and went downstairs. When the neighbors heard the noise downstairs, everyone understood that it was the tenant on the first floor who cooked with a coal ball stove, and the smell of gas floated down the flue to Tan's house. Coupled with the cold weather, the child was alone at home, and Tan was afraid of an accident. He closed the windows before leaving home, so two children were attacked, and carbon monoxide poisoning

after arriving at Changzhou children's Hospital, where the manufacturing tolerances of the molds that did not indicate the dimensional tolerances were all using the tolerances of serial number 1, the medical staff immediately gave the children emergency treatment such as oxygen inhalation and opening the venous access. Slowly, the two children's faces and mental state slowed down. After CT examination, fortunately, the poisoning degree of the children is not serious and there is no life-threatening, but the eldest daughter has brain swelling through piston movement, which needs further treatment and observation

the reason why the two children are poisoned still needs authoritative identification

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