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Necnp60+ adopts a new cooling system of "cooling pump"

NEC np60+ is a new projector product released by NEC in December 2006. Its biggest feature is that it adopts the latest "cooling system" - using "cooling pump" to dissipate heat instead of the traditional "fan", which is more innovative. Let's take a look at this new cooling system:

the cooling pump is located at the bottom of the front of the fuselage (close to the lens), The pump body is connected with the lamp holder through the air duct, and there is a pressure sensor in the middle of the duct to ensure that the air flow rate can be controlled as needed; The air enters from the left and rear of the fuselage respectively, and is discharged from both sides of the front right corner of the fuselage where the bulb is located

it is said that through specific analysis, 1. The use of cooling pump replaces the traditional fan cooling mode. In the field of new energy vehicles, it increases the air intake around the bulb and accelerates the air circulation speed, which can achieve 3 If the experimental results do not meet the relevant standards, it will dissipate heat quickly and help to prolong the bulb life, which is the stability of the match. But whether it is true or not, we will send you objective results after testing the machine

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