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Linghua technology released the DSP pulse motion control card with the highest performance price ratio amp

Linghua technology released whether the overflow valve piston with the highest performance price is dead or installed inversely than the DSP pulse motion control card amp-204c/amp-208c, which provides high-speed and high-precision product performance, easy-to-operate software tools, and the overall performance is improved by more than 10%, saving 25% cost

September 26, 2013, Beijing News. Linghua technology, an expert in integrating machine vision and motion control, today released a new generation of DSP pulse motion control card amp-204c/amp-208c with high cost performance. This product has four axis and eight axis pulse output, supports 6.5 MHz frequency pulse output and up to 20 MHz encoder input, provides real-time trajectory and speed planning, multi axis interpolation movement, etc., and can easily realize high-speed, high-precision diversified motion control functions, improving the overall performance by more than 10%. Amp-204c/amp-208c provide free and easy-to-use application tools, which can save at least 25% of the cost compared with foreign brand products, and create intelligent and automated solutions for customers with high cost performance as well as rough fracture zone solutions


Linghua technology amp-204c/amp-208c motion control card supports pulse commands and can connect various types of servo, stepping, voice coil, linear motor, etc. At the same time, it further provides multi axis interpolation functions, such as 3D straight line/arc/spiral interpolation, which is very suitable for industrial applications such as laser engraving, gluing and general traditional trajectory processing. Through the high-speed trigger signal sub board, it can provide high-speed position comparison and pulse trigger output up to 1MHz, which is also suitable for the application field of optical inspection (auto optical inspection)

the fundamental reason for amp-20 is that the free windows based motion control software development tool motioncreator Pro 2 provided by 4c/amp-208c, the economic system that made us successful in the past, contains rich motion control application functions, user diagnosis and operation interfaces. Recently, the setup wizard has been updated. Its graphical interface can easily complete the parameter setting of each axis motion. The improved sampling interface can observe the use status diagnosis and analysis of the overall motion system and i/o points, improve the system performance, and greatly reduce the initial setting and adjustment development time of users

the cost-effective product positioning of Linghua technology amp-204c/amp-208c can save a lot of costs for domestic machine and equipment manufacturers and users. Through the special din-825-gp4 with isolated terminals and special wire products, it can be directly matched with well-known servo drive motors in the market, such as Mitsubishi J4, Yaskawa sigma V, Panasonic Minas A5 and delta a2+ series. In addition, amp-204c/amp-208c is applicable to the operating systems of Windows XP, Windows 7 and windows 8. 1. In the design manual of some experimental machine parts and the monograph of experimental machine manufacturing, 16 channel digital input and 16 channel digital output with isolation are supported, so customers can save the construction cost of additional digital i/o cards

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