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Linghua Technology launched a high-end eight axis motion control card PCI

industrial application platform supplier - Linghua Technology launched a high-end eight axis motion control card pci-8158, which provides eight axis pulse output. The pulse signal output frequency is as high as 6.55mhz. It is suitable for controlling servo motors, stepper motors and linear Marta. This product has the function of user software protection to avoid software plagiarism, and the card number setting function facilitates customers to use the multi card application system. It can realize two groups of linear/linear and circular/circular functions at the same time, meeting the requirements of high cost performance

by using flat cable to connect the controller in series, Linghua pci-8158 axis control card can provide 13 zeroing modes and back gap compensation functions, and the simultaneous action and stop function of multi axes across the card. Linghua pci-8158 provides the hardware emergency stop function for the safety consideration of the machine designer. In case of an emergency, the user uses the control of the emergency stop switch, and the controller immediately stops the output of the pulse signal until the condition is relieved

in addition, Linghua pci-8158 axis control card is of modular design. In addition to motion control, if other functions need to be realized, such as distributed i/o control, high-speed trigger signal output and electronic cam (ECAM) control, Linghua also provides extended daughter boards to meet customer needs. Through the daughter board of distributed i/o, users can easily integrate centralized axle control and distributed i/o control into one controller. Through the high-speed trigger signal, the sub board can provide trigger signals up to 2MHz. At the same time, the sub board provides a large amount of memory space, which can store up to 2 million position comparison points. It is very suitable for the application and implementation of high-end line scanning

like other Linghua axis control cards, Linghua pci-8158 series axis control cards are suitable for servo drivers and stepping motors of Mitsubishi, Panasonic and Yaskawa. At the same time, with the function of continuous motion of hardware, users can make smooth motion for the application of continuous motion trajectory

Linghua pci-8158 axis control card provides windows driver and motioncreator pro to facilitate user testing and debugging. The new user environment, but it is impossible to obtain the damaged curve on a general experimental machine, which greatly improves the operation efficiency. For relevant information, please visit Linghua technology enterprise website: http//

Linghua technology is committed to the improvement and innovation of measurement, automation and computer communication technology, and provides solutions to global telecom, intelligent transportation and electronic manufacturing customers. With the dedication to professional technology and the self requirements of practicing customer commitments, it has launched a number of innovative products leading the industry, obtained ISO-9001, ISO-14001, TL9000 and other certifications, and is the only production system in the domestic industrial computer industry that has imported 6 Sigma and passed the professional audit of international major manufacturers. Linghua technology is a first-class member of M-1 Communication Alliance, a new high-temperature, flame-retardant and insulating material developed by inte through the combination of independent research and development and imported technology. It has the advantages of simple process, no rubber odor, easy color matching, etc. at the same time, it is also a member of PICMG Association who can participate in the formulation of specifications, a member of the board of directors of PXI systems Alliance Association and the highest level member, and joined LXI consortium in 2005. At present, it has subsidiaries in the United States, Singapore and China, and offices in India, Germany and South Korea to provide fast service and real-time support to local customers. Lingyou can also provide cost-effective products and professional services to customers in the fields of government electronics, electronic manufacturing, industrial application computers, and modular communications through the application of key technologies of intelligent manufacturing such as IOT, big data, and cloud computing. It is expected to become a leading brand of industrial application computers in China through deep cultivation in the industry market

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