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Linghua technology releases the cloud service solution SEMA cloud

Linghua technology is the first manufacturer with a complete industrial cloud solution in the embedded industry, and its products range from devices and client applications to cloud servers and even terminal applications

ctiforum news on September 17 (Li Wenjie): Linghua technology, the world's top embedded computing platform supplier of cloud services, smart switches, and IOT devices, today announced that its existing and future embedded boards and system products will uniformly adopt onboard management controller (BMC) and the latest smart embedded management agent (SEMA) technology, It is easy to achieve the data exchange of various types of embedded computing platform devices in the cloud. The SEMA cloud of Linghua technology gives users the ability to exchange cloud data through the Internet anytime and anywhere, and also has the ability to safely monitor the system status, diagnose faults, and handle system work

with the emergence and vigorous development of IOT, today's intelligent transit layer products are further equipped with excellent remote management technology. SEMA cloud solutions and embedded devices based on cloud server and M2M (machine to machine) architecture can be directly connected to the cloud without other additional design

sema cloud provides a complete set of infrastructure including the device's own data collection and cloud client applications, and includes cloud server functions for storing and processing relevant data, as well as application software for remote monitoring and configuration of all devices

sema cloud enables users to remotely monitor the power supply in terms of voltage supply, system CPU temperature, cooling fan speed and other important data collection and analysis, so as to determine whether the system is in normal operation and whether it needs to take preventive measures to interrupt service

sema provides status alarm setting and real-time event reporting to realize the control alarm function of the extrusion process, including temperature, pressure, screw speed, screw cooling, barrel cooling, product cooling and outer diameter. It allows users to create alarm threshold values for four kinds of LCD interface system voltage, CPU temperature, fan speed and other data. Since the set threshold is stored on the client side, the automotive industry can achieve near real-time response speed, which also provides great potential. Once any user-defined limit is exceeded, the system will send SMS or email alarm, and even set direct measures to prevent system failure. This early warning and maintenance capability is the key core value of SEMA cloud beyond the existing remote management technology. Compared with the product functions of other manufacturers, the system abnormality can be solved as long as the equipment is restarted or reconfigured

sema cloud also provides remote diagnosis and troubleshooting functions, allowing users or operators to repair the system in time without having to leave for the field equipment remotely. If the system or any module is shut down due to a fault, the BMC circuit will still work. It can collect problems and analyze problem reports according to the cause of the fault, and can quickly let relevant system personnel complete problem troubleshooting and analysis

through these powerful functions, it helps to prevent or significantly reduce the risk of system downtime in advance, reduce the workload of field operators and related human needs, so as to improve the overall system reliability and reduce maintenance costs. Especially in transportation management and monitoring or urban security monitoring, which requires the deployment of a large number of controllers and related interface equipment in a wide range of large-scale systems, the overall cost of ownership TCO benefit is particularly obvious

in key application environments such as transportation, air tourism, power plants, electric power and other public facilities, unexpected system failure may lead to significant material and human losses. Linghua technology's SEMA cloud device - cloud solution helps to find and solve uncontrollable problems in interconnected devices, so it is especially suitable for meeting the needs of various vertically integrated markets and a variety of customer embedded solutions, so as to make our customer solutions more secure, reliable and intelligent

about Linghua

with innovative embedded computing solutions, Linghua technology provides an application ready intelligent platform for measurement and testing, industrial automation, network communication, military industry, transportation, medical treatment and information entertainment industries. Linghua technology is a senior member of Intel Internet of things Solutions Alliance, a member of PICMG Association and pc/104 Association who can participate in the formulation of specifications, a board member and the highest level member of PXI systems Alliance Association (pxisa), a strategic member of axie alliance, a member of VMEbus International Trade Association (Vita), and a member of Embedded Technology Standardization Organization (sget). Linghua technology is headquartered in Taiwan, and has manufacturing centers in Taiwan and Chinese Mainland. Its R & D and integration business groups are distributed in Taiwan, China and the United States. 4 Sichuan gonggaxue new materials Co., Ltd., a well-known calcium carbonate manufacturer, has officially landed in the new 3 board listing countries, Germany, and its sales and service bases are all over the world. Linghua technology has passed ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO-13485 and TL9000 certification, providing reliable products, fast service and real-time support to customers all over the world

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