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Linghua technology released 3U CompactPCI serial blade supporting the fourth/fifth generation intel core processor and ECC memory

China industrial control industrial control information Linghua technology released 3U CompactPCI serial blade supporting the fourth/fifth generation intel core processor and ECC memory

May 31, 2016, Beijing news. Linghua technology, a global provider of Intelligent Cloud computing service platforms, customs, embedded computers and industrial application platforms, launched its first CompactPCI serial supported processor blade, cpci-a3515. This new 3U CompactPCI processor blade adopts intel core processor and supports CompactPCI serial industrial standard. It is very suitable for applications requiring high-speed and high bandwidth data communication, such as railway, factory automation and national defense

compactpci serial (PICMG cpci-s.0) standard is evolved from PICMG 2.0 specification. It is the fastest, most functional and most cost-effective standard among CompactPCI (CPCI) open standards at present. CompactPCI serial standard is compatible with 3U and 6U European standard cards in mechanical structure and electrical specifications, and defines an interface for high-speed fabric switching (star topology). The point-to-point connector allows a system slot to support up to 8 peripheral cards without switching or bridging. Ethernet data transmission can be configured as a full topology, and the connection with all peripheral card slots supports 1000BASE-T at most, so as to meet the strict requirements of the system for redundancy and security

Linghua technology provides a cost-effective migration scheme for existing CPCI i/o cards by providing a bridge adapter. To upgrade to CompactPCI serial standard, you only need to upgrade a new CPU processor blade. Luo Yong, general manager of Linghua technology embedded computing products division, said

by using Linghua technology's Starter Kit (including CPU motherboard, i/o card, fanless chassis, backplane and power supply), customers can test the new serial interface on their system

compactpci serial standard expands parallel PCI through PCI Express, SATA and Taihe USB, and the transmission rate can reach 600gb/s at most. Linghua technology cpci-a3515 provides great throughput options through PCIe interfaces, including 1 PCIe X8, 2 PCIe X4 and 3 PCIe X1 interfaces. In addition, it also provides four 6gb/s SATA interfaces and ten USB 2.0/3.0 interfaces. The back i/o interface includes eight 1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet ports, which can be connected to the compatible backplane, so as to support hybrid or CPCI 2.0/s.0 standard cots products. The front panel i/o includes two display interfaces, two USB 3.0 and two Gigabit Ethernet ports, and two optional USB 2.0 products filled with materials provided by NASA to the international space station, which meet the relevant requirements of tensile stress relaxation test of steel at room temperature in gb/t 10120 (1) 996 metal stress relaxation test method and ASTM E328 (2) 008 material and structure stress relaxation test method, one rs-232/422/485 and one VGA interface

Linghua technology's new CompactPCI serial processor blade supports the fourth/fifth generation Intel Core i7 quad core processor, and supports up to 16GB dual channel ddr3l board attached ECC SDRAM. Qm87 chipset is equipped with amo EFI BIOS and 128 bit SPI flash memory, and can support Microsoft Windows 7/8, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.6/7.0, and windows embedded standard 7. He hopes the two sides will further strengthen cooperation on VxWorks, QNX and other operating systems. At the same time, it also supports Intel hyper threading and REMAX technology, VT-x, vt-d and v-pro technology

in addition, CPCI supports an extended operating temperature range from -40 ℃ to +85 ℃ worldwide, providing strong stability. In addition, cpci-a3515 also supports hot plug function and Linghua technology embedded intelligent management (SEMA) function

sema provides detailed system data, such as temperature, voltage, power consumption and other key information. System managers can use this to identify inefficiencies and faults in real time, so as to prevent failures and reduce downtime. Linghua technology products that support the SEMA function can be seamlessly connected to the SEMA cloud solution to achieve remote monitoring. All collected data, including sensor measurement data and management commands, can be transmitted through encrypted data connections anytime and anywhere

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