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Linghua Technology launched PCI Express bus CompactPCI high-performance blade processing board

on August 9, 2006, Beijing News industrial application platform supplier Linghua Technology launched PCI Express 3U CompactPCI high-performance blade processing board cpci-3915. Equipped with Intel Pentium M processor with high efficiency and low power consumption and Intel 915 GME high-speed chipset, and DDR2 400/533 memory with higher efficiency, it has longer-term practicality and security. This product has passed ROHS certification in Europe

Linghua cpci-3915 provides two options: single slot and double slot. Customers with a variety of i/o card requirements can choose the dual slot version, including two groups of USB 2.0 slots, dual Gigabit Ethernet channels, PS2 keyboard/mouse jacks, two groups of COM slots, one group of VGA slots, one group of 44 pin ide interfaces, one group of serial ATA interfaces, and one group of CompactFlash slots. With real board cpci-r3915, it can be expanded to the second serial ATA interface and the third USB 2.0 slot, and DVI and LVDS interfaces, Provide more application requirements. The working temperature tolerance standard range of this product is -20 ℃ to 65 ℃, and the use of a specific CPU can even reach -40 ℃. In order to ensure the take-up to 80 ℃ at different wire speeds, it can adapt to a more harsh environment. It has a wide range of applications, including telecommunications, military, railway transportation, semiconductor equipment and other related industries. Intel Celeron m processor with very low power consumption can also be selected. For detailed product information, please visit Linghua station: http://www/。

Linghua technology is committed to the improvement and innovation of measurement, automation and computer communication technology, and provides solutions to global telecom, intelligent transportation and electronic manufacturing customers. With the dedication to professional technology and the self requirements of practicing customer commitments, it has led the industry to launch a number of innovative products, obtained ISO-9001, iso- can improve the various properties of plastic resins, 14001, TL9000 and other certifications, and is the only production system in the domestic industrial computer industry that has imported 6 Sigma and passed the professional audit of international major manufacturers. Linghua technology is a first-class member of Intel Communication Alliance, a member of PICMG association that can participate in formulating specifications, a member of the board of directors and the highest level member of PXI systems Alliance Association, and joined LXI consor other tium in 2005. At present, it has subsidiaries in the United States, Singapore and China, and offices in India, Germany and South Korea to provide fast service and real-time support to local customers. Linghua Technology (China) Co., Ltd. provides cost-effective products and professional services to customers in the fields of government electronics, electronic manufacturing, industrial application computers, and modular communications. It is expected to become a leading brand of industrial application computers in China through deep cultivation in the industry market

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