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Linghua Technology launched a new four channel 12 bit 80 ms/s PCI Express high-speed digitizer

Beijing News, May 25, 2015. Linghua technology, the largest supplier of data acquisition and PXI products in Asia, launched a new PCI Express Interface High-Speed digitizer pcie-9814. Pcie-9814 provides four channels, 12 bit resolution and up to 80 ms/s synchronous sampling, and supports 40 MHz signal bandwidth and 1 GB DDR3 memory. The pcie-9814 of Linghua technology has excellent accuracy and dynamic measurement performance, including 76 DB clutter free dynamic range (SFDR can use laser deposition with low output power to implement high-intensity deposition), 64 DB signal-to-noise ratio and -75 DB total harmonic distortion (THD), and provides data transmission capacity of up to 640mb/s and value-added 31 order digital filter function, It has the best cost performance among the same type of digitizer products in the market, and is the best solution for radar signal testing, power and energy monitoring, non-contact measurement and other applications

the best solution tailored for radar signal testing

Linghua technology pcie-9814 has a variety of optimized product designs, with a sampling frequency of up to 80 ms/s and a signal bandwidth of 40 MHz, which can easily meet the application of if radar signal testing with a signal frequency of 0.1 MHz ~ 30 MHz. In addition, the front panel of pcie-9814 has an external trigger input channel design to receive the radar synchronization trigger signal, and further provides three SDI input channels, which can be used to receive the time mark signal of the GPS synchronization clock card to meet the time synchronization applications of various weather radar systems. As long as one card, it can complete the complex mixed signal test, which can greatly meet the needs of radar test applications

provide pre-processing function to improve system development efficiency

Linghua technology pcie-9814 provides 31 order FIR digital filter with FPGA architecture, which is suitable for measurement and testing applications with signal content of 20 MHz or less, and can effectively reduce the interference of noise and increase the visibility of the signal to be collected. In low-frequency applications, it can effectively filter out background noise or unwanted high-frequency signals. This technology is realized by FPGA on pcie-9814. It only needs to call the functions of AP through microcomputer processing chip for data collection, analysis and I calculation to complete the operation, which does not occupy CPU resources at all, and can greatly improve the test efficiency

provide value-added software that can quickly convert measured values

in terms of software support, Linghua technology pcie-9814 supports mainstream operating systems including Windows 8, Windows 7 and Linux, and is compatible with third-party software such as LabVIEW and visual. Through the measurement API provided by Linghua technology for free, users do not need to write any program. Just like operating the instrument interface, they can quickly and effectively get the basic voltage/time and other measurement values. Users will be able to simplify the system configuration and carry out measurement tasks more quickly and easily

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about Linghua

Linghua technology provides an application ready intelligent platform for measurement and testing, industrial automation, network communication, military industry, communications data display communication, medical treatment and information entertainment industries with innovative embedded computing solutions. Linghua technology is a senior member of Intel Internet of things Solutions Alliance, a member of PICMG Association and pc/104 Association who can participate in the formulation of specifications, a board member and the highest level member of PXI systems Alliance Association (pxisa), a strategic member of axie alliance, a member of VMEbus International Trade Association (Vita), and a member of Embedded Technology Standardization Organization (sget). Linghua technology is headquartered in Taiwan and has manufacturing centers in Taiwan and Chinese Mainland. Its R & D and integration business groups are distributed in Taiwan, China, the United States and Germany, and its sales and service bases are all over the world. Linghua technology has passed ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO-13485 and TL9000 certification, providing reliable products, fast service and real-time support to customers all over the world. Address:

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