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Linghua Technology launched a 3U CompactPCI plusio compatible single board computer

on September 21, 2011, Beijing News Linghua Technology launched a new 3U CompactPCI single board computer cpci-3970 series, which is the first product compatible with the CompactPCI plusio specification and supports high-speed point-to-point serial transmission, so as to adapt to the development trend of CompactPCI high-speed serial transmission in the future. Linghua technology cpci-3970 series is equipped with the latest Intel second-generation quad core or dual core i7/i5 processor, and supports ECC error correction memory; And Intel qm67 high-speed chipset, which is a CompactPCI single board computer with high-end performance. It is most suitable for applications requiring high-end image processing capabilities and high-speed transmission, such as industrial control and automation, transportation, and medical treatment

Linghua cpci-3970 series includes two products, one is cpci-3970 with traditional HM slot connector, and the other is cpci-3971 with 5 gb/s high-speed transmission rate ultra hard metric (uhm) slot connector, which fully conforms to PICMG 2.30 CompactPCI plusio standard. The research of the two models produced by Jinan Shijin is that there is no comparable product in Jinan market. They have the same electronic and institutional design, and can support signals compatible with CompactPCI plusio on J2: PCI Express Gen2 x4, three USB 2.0, two 10/100/1000base-t Ethernet ports and three SATA ports

according to the characteristics of the two products, Gao Fuyao, director of Linghua technology modular computer product center, said: Linghua technology cpci-3970 series products have excellent performance power consumption ratio, and excellent i/o scalability, diversity and upgrade compatibility. Among them, cpci-3971 conforms to CompactPCI plusio specification, and is based on PICMG 2.0 CompactPCI core specification in electronics and institutions. It is downward compatible with traditional CompactPCI specification. When used with hybrid backplanes, it can use 32-bit/33mhz CompactPCI bus to communicate with traditional CompactPCI peripheral cards, and can also directly use PCI Express, SATA, USB, GBE for high-speed point-to-point interactive communication. Therefore, the cpci-3970 series products that are compatible with two transmission modes can meet the various needs of today's and subsequent embedded applications

Linghua technology cpci-3970 series is equipped with Intel's second-generation Core i7 processor and qm67 high-speed chipset, combined with built-in high-quality graphics processing, intelligent multi task processing capabilities, and improves energy efficiency. At the same time, it also supports Intel hyper threading technology and Intel turbo boost technology, runs multithreading on each core, and allocates processor resources more effectively; At the same time, the processor frequency is adjusted according to the system load. Matt Langman, product marketing director of Intel's embedded computing division, said

Linghua technology cpci-3970 series is not only the system slot motherboard, but also can run independently on the peripheral slot to adapt to high-density applications. It complies with PICMG 2.9 specification and supports system management functions based on intelligent platform management interface (IPMI), which facilitates system managers to monitor system conditions, including processor and system temperature, voltage, power supply status, etc. The built-in TPM 1.2 (trusted platform module) encryption technology also further provides more effective system and hard disk data protection

by selecting different interface adapter cards and rear cabling boards, Linghua technology cpci-3970 series can provide rich i/o expansion options: up to 5 USB 2.0 ports, 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 4 serial ports, ps/2 keyboard and mouse ports, audio function and 1 pmc/xmc slot, etc. The display connection weighing method is based on the weight change of the sample before and after the experiment. The cpci-3970 series of Linghua technology supports two dual mode displayports, which can be used for dual independent digital display output. Disp7. Cooler: the crud of air-cooled cooler should be cleared regularly; If water cooling is adopted, regularly inspect whether the cooling copper pipe has cracks and water leakage; Layport can support DVI, HDMI or VGA output interface through conversion cable. With the xmc-g460 graphics adapter card of Linghua technology on the XMC slot, it can support up to 4 independent display outputs. In terms of storage interfaces, the cpci-3970 series supports one SATA 6 gb/s interface to connect to a 2.5-inch hard disk, and provides three SATA interfaces on the rear cabling board to support raid 0/1/5/10. There are also CompactFlash slots of IDE and CFAST slots of SATA interface

the cpci-3970 series of Linghua technology has been verified to support Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 7, RedHat Enterprise Linux 6, VxWorks and other operating systems. For more information about CompactPCI products of Linghua technology, please visit Linghua website:

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