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Linghua technology released the wide temperature embedded module computer express

ctiforum. On July 1, the production cost of aerogel gel materials was significantly reduced. News on July 4 (Ouyang): Linghua, a professional manufacturer of modular embedded computing platform, made this achievement "Another amazing performance has been added to good materials such as graphene. China Science and technology released the latest military reinforced embedded module computer express IBR. This product is suitable for airborne and on-board military computers and human machine interfaces (HMI) that need to operate in harsh environments 。

express IBR conforms to com express type 6 specification and supports quad core and dual core 3rd generation Intel Core i7 processors and Mobile Intel qm77 high-speed chipset. Express IBR continues the wide temperature designer of Linghua technology. Its characteristics are: the method that has a great impact on the front relative error of the n-degree range of the dial, is very suitable for harsh and wide temperature operating environment, and can withstand vibration, impact, high humidity and heat; At the same time, it supports a wide temperature operation range from -40 ℃ to +85 ℃

CTO and com express com 0 Jeff Munch, chairman of R2.1 Subcommittee, said: embedded products in high temperature and harsh environments require relatively high performance power consumption ratio. Linghua technology express IBR is equipped with the third generation intel core processor and adopts the new 22 nanometer 3-D three-dimensional three gate transistor technology. Compared with the previous generation processor, the characteristics per watt can be significantly improved, which is a key progress for applications in high temperature and harsh environments

matt lanhexion, marketing director of Intel Intelligent Systems Group, aims to solve this challenge. GMAN said: the 3rd generation intel core processor architecture platform provides the best performance and reliability in its class for rugged applications. ECC debugging function support is continuously provided for specific processors to ensure data integrity. It supports the new generation of ultra-high speed transmission interfaces such as PCI Express Gen 3.0 and USB 3.0, and even surpasses the 2nd generation intel core processor series to process a large amount of data with the same or lower heat dissipation specification

express IBR supports 1333 MHz high bandwidth dual channel DDR3 memory, and provides two sodimm sockets, with a maximum capacity of 16GB. It can be used for three groups of independent digital displays, including image output interfaces DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI; Or the image display can be expanded through PCI Express x16 (gen3) channel, and PCI Express x16 can also be used as a general transmission interface. In terms of peripheral interface links, express IBR provides two SATA 6gb/s (SATA III) transmission interfaces, two SATA 3 gb/s ports, one Ethernet port, and eight USB 2.0 interfaces. Express IBR adopts 50% thickened PCB, which can withstand high impact and vibration, and the operating temperature is -40 ℃ to +85 ℃, so as to adapt to the operation in harsh environment

express IBR is an energy-efficient module suitable for applications in limited space and harsh environments, which conforms to com express com 0 revision 2.1 type 6 specification, based on type 2 specification, supports digital display interface (DDI), more PCI express channels, and supports ultra-high speed transmission interfaces such as superspeed USB 3.0

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