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Hubei: transportation construction leaps from 190billion to 425.3 billion

Hubei: transportation construction leaps from 190billion to 425.3 billion

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"the Twelfth Five Year Plan", witnessing a historic leap in transportation in a central province

in five years, the investment in fixed assets of highways and waterways will be 425.3 billion yuan, exceeding the planned target of 119.4 billion yuan, 2.24 times the investment of 190billion yuan in the eleventh five year plan

take off from a wonderful high point, and unfold the magnificent picture of Hubei transportation

a firm upward curve

turning to the statistical report of Hubei Provincial Department of transportation, the five-year investment in Hubei transportation construction has drawn a firm upward curve. In 2011, the provincial traffic construction investment reached 55.82 billion yuan, a record high. However, there is no highest, only higher. 62.78 billion yuan, 89.5 billion yuan, the new record is refreshed year by year. In the past two years, the annual investment in transportation has exceeded 100 billion yuan

huge investment brings fruitful results. Within five years, it can be used to carry out tensile, contraction, zigzag, shear, stripping and other mechanical property experiments on metal and non-metal materials. 2530 kilometers of highways have been built in Hubei, and the highway mileage has reached 6204 kilometers. The buffer can make the swing rod come back safely, and the "seven vertical, five horizontal and three ring" expressways in the province have been basically formed. 3167 km of first-class roads, 7807 km of second-class roads and 72802 km of newly reconstructed rural roads have been completed, all double that of the eleventh five year plan. Up to now, the province has 5248 kilometers of first-class roads, 21559 kilometers of second-class roads, and 232000 kilometers of rural roads. It has realized that all counties and cities in Wuhan city circle can get on the expressway in 15 minutes, and the eco-cultural tourism circle in Western Hubei Province can basically get on the expressway in 30 minutes; 100% of the counties and cities have access to national roads, 99% of the cities above the county level have access to class I and above highways, 100% of the organized towns and townships have access to national and provincial roads, 98% of the organized towns and townships have access to class II and above highways, 100% of the organized villages have access to asphalt (cement) roads and villages have access to passenger cars, so as to truly achieve the goal of farmers' going out, boarding and entering the city

around the layout of key node cities in the province, 71 logistics bases or logistics parks have been built in Hubei when P increases to 7kn, supporting high-speed railways and intercity railways. A number of public rail passenger transfer centers have been built, and 12 have been built so far

in the past, the emphasis on land and light water has been changed. In the past five years, Hubei has paid equal attention to both land and water and made concerted development. 70 port and waterway projects have been started in six batches, with 614.4 kilometers of new thousand ton waterway. The Han River is fully connected from the estuary to Xinglong thousand ton waterway. The original 810 kilometer high-grade waterway circle of "Yangtze River Hanjiang River Jianghan canal" has been fully formed around the Jianghan cascade system, including a high-pressure cooling suppression cycle and a low-pressure cooling suppression cycle; More than 100 new berths, 70million tons of cargo capacity and container capacity (excluding 12million tons of obsolete capacity) and 2.5 million TEUs were added, reaching 310million tons and 4.33 million TEUs respectively, all exceeding the planning target

the annual container throughput of Wuhan new port has exceeded one million TEUs, successfully stepping into the first square in China. Nowadays, at least one vertical wharf with high loading and unloading efficiency has been built or is under construction in each county and city along the Yangtze River and Han River in Hubei Province. Land and water multimodal transport has been steadily promoted, brand routes have been growing, and shipping advantages have been constantly stimulated

the morale of a competitive action

the "12th Five Year" transportation development plan was formulated under the loose monetary policy environment, and the objectives and tasks were doubled compared with the "11th Five Year Plan". However, when the "12th Five Year Plan" was formally implemented, the monetary policy was tightened, the government's loan repayment policy for second-class highway toll collection was cancelled, and the original financing channels for ordinary highway construction no longer existed

the situation has changed, but the task cannot be reduced. Hubei Jiaotong people, with the morale of competing for success and the spirit of reform and innovation, have gathered into a big atmosphere of wanting to do things, being able to do things, and doing things, and constantly open up new financing channels

due to the shortage of funds, Hubei has transformed the transportation department into a joint construction of the society, giving full play to the main role of the local government, and bringing the completion of transportation construction goals and tasks into the scope of government goal assessment. The provincial departments have strengthened plan management, strengthened supervision, and ministry and provincial subsidies and local financial support have become the main means of transportation construction. The provincial government has arranged 12billion yuan of local bonds, and the local government has made transportation development a top priority. While financing supporting projects, it has established transportation investment companies by means of capital injection and land allocation. At present, more than 50 counties and cities in the province have established transportation investment companies

through capital market financing, establishment of special fund for traffic construction, full financial support, land allocation, idle land mortgage loan, BT, PPP, social donation, government overall planning, enterprise contribution and other modes, Hubei has raised nearly 100 billion yuan of ordinary highway construction funds, effectively resolving the fund gap of highway construction

as for expressway construction, Hubei has timely reformed from provincial investment to local government investment, and established a provincial transportation and investment company, which alone has successfully raised more than 180 billion yuan

the construction of ports, stations and parks will play the role of the government in guiding funds and attracting investment from social enterprises through planning, policy guidance and market-oriented methods. Hubei's 5billion yuan of water transport government funds leveraged 29billion yuan of social investment. At present, the five major port clusters in Hubei cooperate with Shanghai port and Yantian port respectively. A number of well-known logistics enterprises such as Shenzhen Chiwan and Zhejiang ChuanHua have settled in Hubei to carry out the construction of logistics parks. The 200 million yuan policy guidance fund has leveraged the 12.2 billion yuan social investment

the "12th Five Year" transportation development plan of Hubei was once considered as an impossible plan. Because of the role of transportation personnel and the development capacity added by reform and innovation, some places are constantly striving for new projects while achieving the set goals. Over the past five years, the grass-roots traffic directors have either tried to raise funds or supervised the construction site with all their ashes and mud

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