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China's transportation and packaging machinery must accelerate the pace of development

the development trend of the world's commodity transportation and packaging is the universal adoption of collective packaging, the standardization of transportation packaging and the optimal design of reasonable packaging. The development of container transportation will put forward faster and higher development requirements for the new technology of collective packaging, especially the new technology of winding packaging, and the relevant domestic equipment also needs to be further updated

industry experts pointed out that in order to speed up the technological progress of the transportation and packaging machinery industry, we should focus on the development and utilization of advanced technologies such as electromechanical integration, heat pipe, basic supporting facilities and modularization, and learn from the success of foreign countries Deformation measurement accuracy: the error is less than ± 0.5% of the indicated value Experience to establish the operation mechanism of technological innovation, develop "new, unique and special" transportation and packaging equipment, and adjust how to choose the appropriate structure of hydraulic universal material testing machine for export products, so as to open up the international market. Among them, the main countermeasures to improve the level of China's packaging machinery are to strengthen the training of packaging machines and gather a batch of top talents and equipment in the industry

compared with foreign advanced equipment, China's transportation and packaging machinery products still have a large gap in product structure and technical level. Mainly manifested in: more single machines and less complete assembly lines; Many models are used; Few models with special requirements; There are many products with simple structure and low technology content, and few products with high technology added value and high productivity; There are many main machines, few auxiliary machines and poor compatibility

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packaging tariffs are mainly 5% and 20%. Statement:

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