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The packaging of transparent polypropylene comes into the market

the use of transparent plastic packaging and containers in the food and beverage market has become a general trend. There are many kinds of raw materials for making transparent plastic products, polypropylene (PP) is one of them. However, in order to achieve complete transparency and high gloss, it is necessary to add a antireflection agent. Many food and beverage manufacturers have switched to this kind of transparent polypropylene, which has brought a certain degree of economic benefits. At present, the use of microwave ovens in major cities in the world is becoming more and more common. This trend is driving the demand for low-cost, variable size and microwave resistant plastic packaging products, and transparent polypropylene just meets this demand

transparent polypropylene is a versatile polymer, which is used to produce transparent thermoformed packaging. It has a low cost, which is not very intuitive, and it is very inconvenient to save and process subsequent experimental data, and can be used in a large temperature range. Therefore, end users do not need to worry that the high temperature of the microwave oven will damage food packaging and pollute food. In addition, compared with other commonly used thermoforming materials, transparent polypropylene has better flexibility, the thermoformed shallow plate will not crack, and has excellent sealing performance

in the future, the thermoformed food packaging market will increasingly focus on transparent polypropylene, which is due to the excellent performance of the new penetrant

in the container market, transparent containers enable consumers to clearly see the contents, so consumers' demand for transparent containers is growing. As a result, manufacturers began to use transparent polypropylene to produce containers, such as 5-liter or 5-gallon water bottles. The transparent polypropylene container has good transparency and gloss, and the production cost is much lower than that of polycarbonate (the unit cost of polycarbonate is at least one and a half times to two times higher than that of transparent polypropylene). In addition, the weight of transparent polypropylene container is relatively light, which improves the economy of its production and use

since the transparent polypropylene 320kg olefin container is recyclable, the cost of the container itself is not as important as the non recyclable container, but the service life, appearance and anti-wear ability to the cleaning process are more important

at present, in the beverage market, if juice, health drinks and tea are injected into pet4 in the form of hot filling, the machine container should be covered after the use of the experimental machine. However, pet needs to undergo a recrystallization process before hot filling, while transparent polypropylene bottles do not need to go through this complex process. BOPP bottles on the market now are a kind of transparent polypropylene containers

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