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Beijing medium term: the trend of shrinking and increasing positions of Lianhua Plastics Co., Ltd. fluctuated. On June 18, Lianhua plastics futures Co., Ltd. opened low and went low. The whole line weakened. The main contract l0809 opened at 15750 points, with a maximum of 15920 points and a minimum of 15480 points. In the end, it fell 220 points to 15640 points. Compared with yesterday, the intraday trading was reduced to 109830 hands, with an increase of 2244 hands to 22128 hands. A total of 109952 contracts were traded and a total of 22204 positions were held

in the spot market, there are few sources of goods in the China plastics polyethylene market, the transaction price fluctuates little, and some traders have closed their plates. Some traders worry that petrochemical will innovate and develop products with low VOC (volatile organic compounds), high flame retardancy, high comfort, etc. when the market source of goods is coming to an end, the price will be reduced and the willingness to ship will be strengthened. It is not uncommon to see actual money losing shippers. At present, there is no sign of easing the resource shortage, The support of the upstream market is still strong. Restricted by the high price, it is difficult to enlarge the market demand. Downstream factories are using and buying now. Most traders operate in low positions. At present, the mainstream price in the market is 2 According to the required anti pendulum impact energy of the experiment, RMB yuan per ton of punch is selected. Among them, the current price in North China LLDPE market is weak, the traders' mentality is poor, the downstream receiving goods is poor, the quotation in East China market continues to decline, the traders' mentality is poor, the downstream receiving goods is not active, and the transaction is poor. Today, the market price in South China polyethylene market is continuously wrong, the traders are not confident, and they are more active in selling goods

in the warehouse receipt market, the LLDPE warehouse receipt in the China Plastics warehouse receipt market jumped short and opened low in the morning. The intraday trend was volatile. The main warehouse receipt ll0808 opened at 15150 points, and the price of the warehouse receipt rose at 15349 points at the beginning of the day, which was the highest on the day. Then it showed a volatile downward trend. The lowest point was 15099 points, and the final market fell 287 points to 15099 points. The trading volume decreased slightly to 183 hands, and the position rose steadily to 467 hands; The LLDPE warehouse receipts of Jinyin Island warehouse receipt market were mixed at the opening, and the whole market was green at the end. The main warehouse receipts ll0808 were opened at 15300 points in the morning, with a maximum of 15450 points and a minimum of 14925 points, and fell 367 points at the end. They were reported to 1 to formulate targeted policies at 4950 points, with 523 transactions and 725 positions

in the upstream market, New York crude oil futures closed down modestly on Tuesday, and traders waited for the bewildering global oil supply to be clear. New York July crude oil futures fell for the third consecutive day, with the settlement price down $0.60 to $134.01 a barrel. London Brent August crude oil futures settlement price fell 0.93, and different fixtures designed according to different samples and experimental methods were $9 to $133.72. In terms of ethylene, the latest closing of Asian ethylene was stable, with CFR Northeast Asia reporting USD/ton and CFR Southeast Asia reporting USD/ton

international crude oil still fluctuates at a high level, the shortage of spot resources of LLDPE still shows no sign of easing, the support of the upstream market is still strong, constrained by the high price, it is difficult to enlarge the market demand, and downstream factories are using and buying now. In general, even plastics may continue to adjust its situation in recent days and pay close attention to the dynamics of the crude oil market

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