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The new play method of unlocking landscape lighting by introducing the ring structure compound with fire-resistant, temperature resistant, low smoke and low toxicity into the original flammable formate molecular structure

living in the reinforced forest of the city, the pace of life is becoming increasingly tense and busy, which makes people more eager for a quiet, comfortable, warm and elegant natural environment. What came into being is that urban greening, parks and natural tourist attractions are more and more popular

with the increasing popularity of landscape lighting and cultural tourism lighting, more and more trees are "lit" at night. We usually install some floodlights around trees. But what you don't know is that in addition to the projection lamp, there is also a "tree holding lamp" that can be used as landscape lighting for trees

the second generation tree holding lamp developed by Jinlong, just as its name, is mainly used for landscape lighting of trees or columnar objects. The reason why it is called "hugging a tree" is that its shape is just a hollow cylinder designed to surround the trunk, which is installed under the trunk, just like hugging a tree

this innovative lamp product was first developed and launched by Guangzhou Jinlong lamp factory Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jinlong"). The tree hugging lamp was born under the product design team of Jinlong

why did you think of the idea of "holding a tree"? Chenzhenwen said that in fact, the tree hugging lamp was first used as a "pillar hugging" in the next five years. The research and development of this lamp was originally due to a project in 2012. At that time, a customer needed to build a model road in the city and wanted to light the lamp posts of the street lamps. At the same time, they also wanted to be clean and beautiful. So Jinlong's team came up with the design idea of this product: it is installed under the lamp post like a guardrail, which is neat, beautiful and has good lighting effect. Thus, the first generation of tree holding lamp came into being

this project has been a success, and the effect of tree holding lamp is quite good. Jinlong's team thought that after all, the lighting column is still a rare case, and its application range will be very small. What else can it illuminate besides street lamps? The answer, of course, is trees. Jinlong team tried to use this lamp to light the tree, and the result was good, so this lamp was officially defined as a tree holding lamp. After that, Jinlong also began to make RGB colors of tree hugging lights to meet the needs of color changes in some tourist attractions

evolution of tree hugging lamp: integrated into nature

2017, after comprehensively considering the shortcomings of the first generation of tree hugging lamp, Jinlong made a series of improvements and finally launched the second generation of tree hugging lamp. "A customer has asked us to improve and launch a new model." Chenzhenwen said, "later, we showed him the design drawings and effect drawings of the second generation tree holding lamp, and he directly placed an order for more than 3000 sets of lamps."

the second generation tree holding lamp is actively promoted in the whole process of enterprise establishment, which has changed the product appearance, and the appearance design of the fence is easier to integrate into the nature and beautify the environment; The lamp modules can be combined freely, and the 1/4 round mold group design makes the lamp application more flexible and diversified; Dual anti glare function; After the initial installation of the lamp, with the growth of the trunk, it can be adjusted to the diameter suitable for the size of the trunk through the expansion device, which solves the problem that the trunk will grow and become larger, and there is no need to do new projects and buy new lamps. It is also very convenient to insert the clay insert into the lamp body and screw it into the ground to lock the screw

how do tree hugging lights vs projection lights "hug trees"

what advantages does this design have in the actual tree landscape lighting? Chenzhenwen said that generally speaking, it is necessary to light a tree evenly, and the impact strength will also be improved. It requires four projection lights, and only one holding lamp can be used. Jinlong has compared the effects of two lights with the same power and color temperature. The effect of one tree hugging lamp is significantly better than that of four projection lamps

compared with the projection lamp, the tree hugging lamp has better internal permeability. If the projection lamp is used to illuminate the tree, it will generally be placed on the ground, which is easy to make the whole landscape look messy, and the lamps and lanterns protrude on the ground is not beautiful. If the pole projection lamp is used, it will light from the outside to the inside, and the leaves will cover some light, and the trunk is not obvious; The tree holding lamp illuminates the tree from the inside to the outside. The whole tree will be brighter and more uniform. The tree crown and tree shape are clear. In particular, the effect of lighting the trunk is very obvious. It is easy to identify at night. It can draw the complete trunk characteristics and better restore the appearance and shape of the tree. In addition, the tree holding lamp is surrounded by the tree trunk, and its appearance imitates the shape of the fence, which is more integrated with the natural environment. It looks like a decoration during the day, but it is inconspicuous at night, with strong concealment. In addition, compared with the two lights, the tree hugging lamp is relatively non dazzling and 360 ° anti glare. It will not be dazzling even when approaching, and it is not easy to affect pedestrians and drivers

adhere to product positioning and safeguard patent rights and interests

after the initial research and development of the first generation tree hugging lamp, Jinlong did not promote this product, and few people know this lamp. Gradually, some enterprises in the market began to imitate the design of this product. According to chenzhenwen, at present, the tree holding lamps made by other domestic enterprises are filled with glue to prevent water, while Jinlong's tree holding lamps are structural waterproof, with high cost and technical content. They have considerable advantages in quality and texture, but they are not popular in the price war

as the first company to launch the tree hugging lamp, Jinlong felt that this good product should not be wasted, and the market should be seized back. Last year, Jinlong's second-generation tree hugging lamp won the "innovative product award" of the 7th golden finger award and the "innovative design excellence award" of the 6th rushes award. Jinlong believes that although they want to promote tree hugging lanterns, they will not drift with the tide and be affected by the market of price war. Insisting on the quality of products is their primary consideration. "We also have some customers who initially chose cheap products for price reasons, but still felt that the quality was poor after use." According to chenzhenwen, for some products suspected of imitation in the market, Jinlong will also protect its own interests. Jinlong's two generations of tree holding lamps have applied for patents

in the past, few designers and engineering companies thought of such a lamp to hold and shine on trees. It was not until last year that Jinlong took the tree holding lamp to participate in the award and promotion that more people in the market began to know about such products. After promotion, Jinlong has also successively done some projects in Fujian, Xi'an, Chongqing and other cities, and received good feedback. The tree holding lamp has gradually begun to be understood and accepted by the market

chenzhenwen also said that in the past, Jinlong people seldom did business, and orders were obtained by word-of-mouth. Later, with the development of LED, the market competition became more and more fierce. In recent years, Jinlong also began to run its business and took the initiative to win the market. "But it is not Jinlong's goal to be big," chenzhenwen said. "Large companies may not be long-term. Jinlong's goal is to be long-term, stable and practical." Jinlong people firmly believe that they must adhere to their own product positioning and provide customers with the most stable, reliable and safe high-quality products. This is the original intention of Jinlong in the past 16 years and the foundation for the future

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