The most popular trend has been set. Shanghai alum

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The general trend has been set, and Shanghai aluminum may accelerate its decline at any time.


Li Keqiang explained that Keqiang's economy can also extend the service life of equipment and highlight the new thinking of macro policy.

Premier Li Keqiang delivered a speech at the summer Davos forum held in Dalian (the distance between the thick wires should be longer so that the wires have a tensile force of about 15-25 kg) by turning the main clip handle to clamp the lower end of the wires, It is regarded by the outside world as the first time that Premier Li Keqiang has systematically expounded the core ideas of Li Keqiang's economics. In his speech, he pointed out that the miracle of China's economic development has entered the second quarter of improving quality and efficiency


Qinghai has achieved remarkable results in eliminating backward production capacity. The average production capacity of electrolytic aluminum has reached 330000 tons

. By the end of August this year, all backward production capacity listed in the national annual elimination plan had been shut down

it is recommended to install a spring on the bolt for balanced bending installation:

after the overnight aluminum shock, it closed with a small rise, and the trend should be slightly stronger than our expectations; However, as the price of the PS recycling project of copper officially began to decline, it is expected that the future aluminum price will also follow its downward trend, and investors can be actively bearish

Shanghai aluminum is expected to launch a callback; Although the overnight external market continued to rise, the sharp correction of copper price has basically set the tone for the metal trend, and the only difference is the decline; At present, the general trend of aluminum is still very weak. Once it falls below the current shock region, that is, the range, it is likely to show an accelerated decline. Therefore, we suggest that investors should mainly increase their holdings of empty orders as much as possible. The spot aluminum price is expected to have a correction. At present, its general pattern is that it is easy to fall but difficult to rise, and the decline may expand at any time; Therefore, it is recommended that downstream businesses postpone goods preparation as far as possible

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