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The trend of increasing from the north to the South may narrow the price difference between the north and the south.

in November, 9 production lines were intensively shut down in Shahe area. Glass futures rose in response, and the market was generally optimistic about the future market. In order to accurately understand the production, sales, inventory, winter storage, export and South transportation of northern glass, Nanhua Futures Research Institute participated in the research activities on the spot glass market in North China and Northeast China organized by Zhengshang Institute and Yongan futures Shenyang business department

in this activity, two northeast Hebei production enterprises, one Qinhuangdao trader, one Qinhuangdao deep processing enterprise and one northeast Jilin production enterprise were investigated. The inventory of production enterprises is low, and the operating pressure is better than that in previous years. From the perspective of the electronic stripping machine strategy of the manufacturers in the northeast of Hebei Province and the northeast region, it is indeed implemented according to the policy of the last regional coordination meeting, trying to sell the glass to the Northeast market, so as to reduce the impact on the spring. A large number of glass wafer manufacturers in Qian'an, Hebei Province exported at low prices to maintain low inventory, leaving room for price adjustment in the domestic market after the Spring Festival. The glass enterprises in Qinhuangdao mainly supply the local deep-processing enterprises. Because of the high cost, they basically do not export. The interviewed traders and deep-processing enterprises are willing to stock up in winter

although the inventory level of Shuangliao new arrivals was the same as that of last year, it was mainly due to the differentiated sales strategy adopted with brother companies. The inventory in the overall market in Northeast China decreased by 30% year-on-year. The overall feeling is in line with expectations, and we are still bullish on the spring market. Personal experience: generally, it is in line with expectations. The situation of manufacturers is generally good. In fact, there is little pressure on environmental protection. Manufacturers are becoming more and more smart, especially the measures taken by enterprises in Northeast China to export at low prices and reduce inventory to ensure the domestic market. Exchange feedback: almost all researchers are optimistic about the price of glass in the spring. However, some financial peers who are not familiar with the glass spot and futures markets feel that it is lower than expected. After communicating with manufacturers, they found that the expectations of supply and demand and the suspension and resumption of glass production lines are not so optimistic

some traders in Shahe region and those who are familiar with the market law of the official commencement of the 600000 ton/year aluminum deep processing high-end aluminum project of the spot Yulian group believe that the 1805 contract is higher than 1500, because there is no demand for the spot in winter, the manufacturer must reduce inventory and collect money for the winter. Shahe started the price reduction mode during the survey. Assumption for winter and spring: now, in the off-season, spot manufacturers reduce their inventories, and futures are under pressure. Until the eve of the Spring Festival, there is no market for spot prices, and futures are low-level. After the Spring Festival, demand starts, and manufacturers' inventories are low year-on-year, and the return of probability stimulates outbound. Futures go up with the spot, and the space range still depends mainly on the spot market. Recently, the price of soda ash has plummeted, and the price of glass is generally stable. In order to lay a solid foundation for achieving the national "1035" industrial green development goal, the factory's benefits have soared. As a result, it has attracted part of the production capacity to resume production and put into production. Recently, besides the planned resumption of production of Qibin group (601636, Guba) and Shahe Daguang's previous cold repair production line, the 700 ton Anhui Lanxiang second line, which is a new production line, also plans to ignite around the Spring Festival. Judging from the recent production line capacity resumption, there is basically no capacity resumption or new production in northern China, but capacity restoration occurs frequently in eastern, central and southern China

at the same time, during the investigation, one enterprise's production line was put into operation in 2010, but there is still no cold repair plan this year. The interest driven may be the essential reason for the cycle replacement. Now the profits of glass production have soared, causing the manufacturers who have the conditions to resume production to speed up in order to get a share. At present, the price difference between the north and the south is still very large. The trend of limiting production in the north and increasing production in the South may narrow the price difference between the north and the south this year. Since the end of last week, due to the heavy pollution weather in Shahe area, the deep-processing enterprises have completely stopped the production of stabilizer bar fatigue testing machine, which will also increase the pressure on the original film manufacturers. It is only one month from the Spring Festival holiday, leaving little time for manufacturers to reduce inventory. If the demand is suspended, the price adjustment may be more drastic in the later period

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