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Fujian: strive to complete the investment of 85billion yuan in transportation in 2016

Fujian: strive to complete the investment of 85billion yuan in transportation in 2016

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recently, the Department of transportation of Fujian Province issued the 2016 provincial transportation investment plan, specifying that the province will strive to complete the investment of 85billion yuan in 2016

it is understood that the expressway is 29billion yuan, 47 projects are planned to be constructed, and the construction scale is about 996km. Accelerate the construction of Zhangzhou Yaobao Longyan Jiaoyang expansion project, Changle Pingtan project, Fuzhou southeast belt project, Xiamen Shaxian County project, etc., fully promote the construction of Shunchang Shaowu PPP project, Yongding Shanghang PPP project, strive to complete the Ningde Zhangwan lianjiang Pukou section, the north section of Xiang'an Airport Expressway, etc., and promote the relocation project of Wuyi new area section of Beijing Taiwan expressway, the East Ring Road of Longyan expressway Preliminary work of Sanming section of Puyan Expressway and other projects

41billion yuan of ordinary roads, comprehensively accelerate the construction of "eight vertical and ten horizontal" ordinary national and provincial roads, promote the connection of ordinary trunk roads, and build 300 kilometers of ordinary national and provincial roads, such as Dongshan chenchenggongqian kengbei section of national highway g357, Lianjiang Ankai oysterwood section of provincial highway S308, etc. In accordance with the requirements of targeted poverty alleviation through transportation, the construction and reconstruction of rural roads, the removal of ferries and the construction of bridges, the reconstruction of 1800 km of rural roads, and the reconstruction of 200 dangerous bridges have been completed

10billion yuan for water transport projects. Continue to promote the continuous development of the core port area of "two concentrations, two dispersions and two liquids", speed up the construction of berth projects such as No. 6b7 in Jiangyin port area, No. 1B3 in Luoyuan Bay Kemen operation area, No. 1B3 in Meizhou Bay Dongwu operation area, as well as Meizhou Bay channel phase III and Xiamen. Therefore, the works will produce new vitality port main channel phase IV, Fuqing Bay channel phase II, Quanzhou Bay channel phase II and other projects due to the continuous changes over time, Eight projects, including the No. 12 berth project in Jiangyin port area, have been completed, with an additional port handling capacity of more than 20million tons

transportation hub and other 5billion yuan. Accelerating the construction of Longyan NDT (non-destructive testing) is an indispensable and effective tool for the development of the general application and popular speed regulation system industry of the former. The projects such as the integrated passenger transport hub and the integrated passenger transport hub in Wuyi new area have scientifically arranged regional large-scale logistics parks (land ports), and continued and newly built 28 logistics parks, including Fuzhou Huawei highway port (phase II), Jinjiang land port (phase II) and Shunchang highway port. 751 new and updated passenger vehicles were added, 63 rural passenger stations and 440 rural waiting booths were built; 1200 new urban buses will be purchased, and 31 new bus hubs, initial and terminal stations and parking lots will be built

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