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The content of home decoration can be roughly divided into several parts, such as main body demolition and renovation, water and electricity renovation, mud wood engineering, paint engineering, soft decoration, etc. among them, water and electricity renovation requires not only professional knowledge, but also easy to generate additional items, which naturally has become the focus of many owners. Now let's learn about the relevant knowledge of hydropower transformation through a netizen's decoration diary

first, for a residence with an area of

100 square meters, the water and wire trunking need to be about 65-85 meters. According to the requirements of the specification, the water and electricity wiring must be in the wall, but the experts who compile the standard are not saints, and there will be places where books are inconsistent with reality

in the decoration, if all the electrical conduits go from the wall, how many slots will be opened on the wall according to the horizontal and vertical wiring principle? In that case, due to different batches of cement used to fill the slot and different drying time, the possibility of cracking at the slot will be increased. Therefore, in the bedroom, living room and other areas, the trunking will be buried next to the keel under the floor, which not only avoids the possibility of cracking at too many slots, but also saves the owner's pipeline and other material costs. But the kitchen and bathroom must not be wired on the ground

the trough of the water pipe must go through the wall and ceiling, except that there is a sewage pipe in the toilet. Because the corner of the wall is very close to the sewage pipe, it is not easy to weld the water pipe, so it is usually on the ground. I hope you will pay attention to the water pipe. Except for the special case I mentioned above, you must go to the top of the wall

the gas pipe in the kitchen must not go to the ground. If you shop underground, in case of air leakage at the interface, you will remove the kitchen cabinet and floor tiles, and the loss will be very heavy

slotting and inlaying = coolie + endurance life, low efficiency, which requires both opening and sealing, as well as brick walls and cement walls. At present, the slotting labor cost of brick walls and concrete walls in the market can be calculated according to the average price of 8-10 yuan, which is reasonable. The dressing involves slotting of cement, sand, glue, etc., and the tools now usually involve saw blades, scrapers, etc., which are reasonable within 8 yuan

II. Water pipes

after years of market testing, PPR water pipes are mostly used now, and pirsa and Baidie are relatively recognized in the Shanghai market. The market price is very transparent. Pearsa is the most popular choice, but I personally recommend the white butterfly in Shanghai, which is more cost-effective, cheaper than pearsa, and more reassuring in quality. Of course, you can also use water pipes purchased online. I would like to remind you that the price of water pipes and accessories should basically account for 50% each. Some self-employed households have pressed the price of water pipes very low, which seems to be a famous brand product, but the accessories are not imported from the specialized suppliers of water pipes. Do you think you have suffered a big loss

manufacturers or businesses calculate labor costs according to the number of kitchens, bathrooms and balconies, ranging from 150-300 yuan/set. If one kitchen and one bathroom usually require about 60-70 meters of water pipes, of course, the distance between kitchens and bathrooms and whether the balcony has drainage pipes will affect the number of water pipes

III. gas pipe

the pipe from the gas meter to the stove and shower is generally within 12 meters. This part is generally managed by Yinhe brand 6 of the labor management factory. Because it is a factory run by the Labor Reform Bureau, the quality is qualified. The safety of gas pipeline laying involves safety issues, and personal suggestions can be made by the gas company. The cost of this part mainly includes pipes and elbows, and the labor will not exceed 10 yuan/meter

IV. switch sockets

according to the owner's requirements, there are about 55-65 sockets in 100 square meters. It is recommended to install sockets with switches for the sockets of air conditioners and kitchens, so that many electrical appliances do not need to plug and unplug back and forth. The labor cost of this part is 3 yuan/piece. At the same time, there are also cassette, octagon box, hose and other costs. One cassette with medium quality is about 1.6 yuan, the labor cost is not more than 1.5 yuan/piece, and some electrician dressings are also required




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