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Top ten brand fine wood craftsmen in China: bedroom wardrobe + dresser design

the normal opening mode of the bedroom is as follows: a durable and comfortable bed, a dresser that can make people beautiful, a small and high-value bedside cabinet, and a customized and fashionable wardrobe. They are placed in different corners of the bedroom and have no intersection with each other

but recently someone moved the dresser into the wardrobe, making two unrelated individuals one, like crazy. The reason is, who gave him so much courage? Let's appreciate it first, and you'll know

three sliding door wardrobe + side cabinet, forming a complete storage system, but there is still about 50cm blank from the bedroom door. The owner was whimsical and told the designer to move the dressing table in. As a result, dressing and changing became very convenient and life was so beautiful

in the first suite of the couple's life, the bedroom area is not very large, so there is no dressing table for the wardrobe, which is absolutely unbearable for the beauty loving hostess. The husband had an idea and said, anyway, we don't have many clothes. Wouldn't it be perfect if we chose to customize the wardrobe and put the dresser in

the bedroom area is not big or small, but there are many living needs. In addition to the bed, there should also be a wardrobe, dressing table, TV cabinet and bedside table. The best way is to use customization to create multifunctional furniture. The combination of wardrobe and dressing table frees up the space for free walking in the bedroom, and the TV cabinet can also store things, reducing the storage pressure of the wardrobe, which is very good

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