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(high quality home decoration, Carty doors and windows) nowadays, many families choose closed design when decorating balconies, so as to expand the use space and add highlights to the house. Closed balconies are more practical and beautiful than open balconies, but many people often ignore these key factors when selecting materials for balcony packaging, which unknowingly gives a question mark to the comfort and safety of the home

whether it is an open balcony or a closed balcony, the balcony usually needs to face the natural weather outside, so it is used to seal the doors and windows of the balcony Whether it is strong and durable has become a test, especially for high-rise residents. If they accidentally buy windows and doors with poor wind resistance, we can imagine the terrible consequences with the increase of the wind

in addition to considering the quality of packaging materials, we should also pay attention to whether the function is suitable. Now the temperature is extremely hot in summer and extremely cold in winter, so heat insulation doors and windows are particularly important for balcony sealing

this kind of door and window To put it bluntly, both the inner and outer layers are made of aluminum alloy, and the middle is connected with plastic profiles, which not only has the durability of aluminum alloy, but also has the thermal insulation of plastic, and its surface can be painted into a variety of colors

the main function of sealing the balcony is to strengthen safety. Secondly, it can prevent the attack of wind and rain and play the role of heat preservation. After sealing the balcony, it not only allows light and fresh air to enter the room, but also plays the role of communicating with the outside. Therefore, high-rise residents should consider the hardness when purchasing sealed balcony doors and windows, which is related to whether they can withstand the high-altitude weather





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