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The casual American rural style, classical and fashionable, improves the warm feeling of home space and opens a relaxed and comfortable life mode for the young generation

the casual American rural style, classical and fashionable, improves the warm feeling of home space, and opens a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle for the young generation. Maybe this is the essence of American style design. This American style meets the needs of young people! Deville mall share

the light blue wall with white furniture laid the natural and fresh tone of the living room, and the carpet with "flowers" pattern brought out the rustic flavor. The whole wall sliding door French windows introduce a large amount of light, making all the colors of the living room appear bright and full

in the space configuration, it emphasizes the opening of the pattern, reduces the wall barrier, and increases the sense of openness in the vision. The porch cabinet with hollow design is used to distinguish the use functions of the guest restaurant, so that the space has more flexibility and changes

applying flower patterns to wall decoration makes the restaurant more rural and the dining atmosphere more relaxed. Wall lamps, candlesticks, flowers and other ornaments are constantly emerging, and the handling of details is appropriately stained with American style

the master bedroom is designed to combine leisure and classic. The elegant light yellow flower pattern covers the soft bag at the bedside background, and matches with broken flower bed sheets and carpets to create a casual and comfortable rest environment. In addition, the retro colors of chandeliers, bedside and bedside decorative paintings have a classical flavor

the bedside background wall, bedding, carpets and curtains of the second bedroom are all made of green cloth with flower patterns, and the whole space is extremely elegant

light blue space can bring people a relaxed and happy mood. In addition to creating a comfortable reading space, the study design also takes full account of practical functions. The tatami combination cabinet plays a strong storage capacity, and the larger items in the home can be well stored

the color stitched walls of the kitchen have a retro flavor. Combined with the overall white cabinets, the space looks particularly stylish, changing the traditional kitchen design

unassuming casualness, very comfortable, free, rational and a touch of human taste, maybe this is the warm color! It is very suitable for young people's living habits, and the wardrobe is customized for Deville mall Customization hotline 400-8822-118 6 spaces, 8 spaces, one-stop customization, quality guaranteed




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