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Focus on the 12th Five Year Plan to explore the development path of the pressure gauge industry

as a digital pressure gauge industry that is closely related to seven new strategic industries such as IOT, smart electricity and high-end equipment manufacturing industry, how can it accurately grasp its own development direction and find a suitable development path in the future five years with increasingly complex international environment and competitive environment under the guidance of national policies

the plan clearly points out: cultivate and develop strategic emerging industries, strengthen policy support and planning guidance, strengthen the research and development of core key technologies, break through key areas, actively and orderly develop new generation information technology, energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy, biology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, new energy vehicles and other industries, accelerate the formation of progressiveness and pillar industries, and effectively improve the core competitiveness and economic benefits of the industry

first of all, we should face up to the scientific research and development of our own industry and products and constantly make breakthroughs. Relevant scholars pointed out that in the next five years, the international and domestic competitive environment will become more complex

secondly, industry enterprises should face up to the changes of the general environment and their own enterprises. The 12th Five year plan clearly supports the construction of IOT. The development of low coating uneven carbon economy is bound to drive the demand for pressure gauges

thirdly, the industry should firmly grasp the mainstream of green environmental protection and low-carbon economy 6 Elongation corresponding to yield point (elongation at yield point); The direction of economic development is to combine the concept of environmental protection with product design and technical promotion. As users put forward more and higher requirements for the function of digital pressure gauge products, enterprises can constantly break through themselves in the competition only by respecting and paying attention to the emotional infection of customers, putting customers first, and on this basis, adjusting the business strategy of enterprises in time. How many kinds of new energy hardness testers are there to develop hydropower, nuclear power, wind power, solar power and so on? Power source and intelligent electricity, measurement and control system is an important part of stable, efficient and safe operation of power station and electricity. Pressure gauge is a strategic emerging industry. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the state will face up to the support of scientific instrument innovation and increase the support for domestic scientific instruments. Pressure gauge is an indispensable basic supporting technology and industry for the development of strategic emerging industries

finally, industry products should seize the opportunity to move closer to smart electricity and IOT. Pressure gauges have the characteristics of "three high and three low" - high technology, high input, high output, low energy consumption, low material consumption and low pollution. Many products are technology intensive and labor-intensive. In the next few years, IOT and intelligence will have a big market in us

at present, 60% of China's scientific research instruments depend on imports, and 25% of the funds will be invested in the purchase of scientific instruments every year. China has become a competitive position for multinational instrument companies. The formulation, composition analysis, molecular structure determination and tissue image analysis of new materials cannot be separated from the application of large-scale scientific instruments and analytical instruments. For example, electrical and electronic instruments can be close to this aspect, and intelligent technology also enables digital pressure gauges to effectively reduce the impact of hydraulic systems; The industry is transforming to high-end manufacturing

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