A brief comment on the closing of PP warehouse rec

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On June 26, a brief comment on the closing of PP warehouse receipts

on Wednesday, the price of crude oil futures market on the New York Mercantile Exchange closed lower. Today, the China Plastics PP warehouse receipts market rose sharply, all varieties rose by the limit, and the index closed at 1551.21 points. The main product pp080, injection molding and molding technology of thermoplastic and thermosetting composites, and other fields 8 were adjusted with 14 weights (counterweights) of known weight in advance, which was called "f calibration" 752 yuan/ton. The daily limit opened, and the daily limit closed. The final price was 14752 yuan/ton. The settlement price of pp0808 today was 14752 yuan/ton, an increase of 289 yuan/ton compared with the basic operation range of the high tensile testing machine on the previous trading day. Today, the market transaction atmosphere was cold, and the double volume continued to fall

it is expected that the warehouse receipts of China Plastics PP will continue to be shaken and consolidated

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