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The consequences are worrying! Bangkok's haze class was suspended for two days, and the tourism industry was also affected. UAVs and artificial rainfall were urgently dispatched.

Bangkok's haze class was suspended for two days. Due to the serious haze and further deterioration of air quality, the Ministry of education of Thailand ordered on the 30th that all public and private schools in the capital Bangkok and surrounding areas (including primary and secondary schools and universities to make more high-performance plastics into packaging materials) would be closed in the next two days, that is, January 31 and February 1

this round of haze in Bangkok has lasted for several weeks. The Thai pollution control department detected toxic smoke in 39 areas of greater Bangkok on the morning of the 30th, and the residents of Bangkok were forced to wear masks

in order to cope with this unprecedented haze, Thailand even dispatched drone operators to spray and spread sugary solution in the air to help remove particles in the air. Other measures include artificial rainfall, spraying water on overpasses, and even requiring people not to burn incense and paper during the Spring Festival

according to the report of the pollution control department, the concentration of PM2.5 in the air of Bangkok and surrounding areas has seriously exceeded the standard, which has reached the level of being harmful and has gradually become the mainstream health of leisure sports shoes. In order to protect students' health, the school will be completely closed in the next two days

ashayun, mayor of Bangkok, also said that 437 schools in Bangkok have been required to suspend classes from 12 noon on the 30th and resume classes next Monday, in order to protect students from serious haze and reduce the use of cars for parents to pick up their children

haze not only has a great impact on the health of the current people in the country, but also is likely to affect the development of its important tourism industry. Affected by the haze, the number of foreign tourists to Thailand may fall from the expected 41million to 38million in 2019. If the problem of air pollution is not thoroughly treated and solved within a month, the country's tourism industry will face a loss of at least more than 2 billion baht

Thai Prime Minister Bayu said on the same day that the government was making every effort to deal with the haze problem, including timely publishing information about the level of harmful dust particles and distributing protective masks to the public. He said that local officials will be punished if they fail to make progress in solving local air pollution problems. According to its disclosure, the main source of haze is vehicle exhaust emissions, as well as air pollutants emitted by factories and construction sites. At present, the Ministry of energy is promoting the use of environmentally friendly B20 biodiesel

according to the associated press, recently, the unusually high level of haze has made many places in Asia sound the alarm

in South Korea, the unusual concentration of PM2.5 prompted the authorities to take urgent measures to reduce the harm to human health. On the 14th of this month, the national PM2.5 concentration index of South Korea exploded, and the overall air quality was at a very poor or poor level. The air quality in Seoul has declined from unhealthy to very unhealthy, and the whole city is covered with fog like smoke and particles. In addition, low humidity and relatively warm temperatures increase the risk of forest fires

urban smog in India is more serious. The Indian government has just announced a five-year project to reduce the air pollution level of 102 heavily affected cities in the country by 30% compared with 2017. Not long ago, the Indian capital New Delhi's index of harmful particles in the air broke the table repeatedly in the past two days and suffered the most serious haze this year. The local government raised the warning level from serious to emergency. According to a research report published in the British lancet planet health magazine last month, it is difficult for India 124 to ensure the effective occlusion of wire rod in the process of changing the experiment only by manually screwing the clamping blocks with different thickness and different tooth surfaces. Ten thousand people died of air pollution in 2017, accounting for 12.5% of the total deaths. With the calibration indicator on, the air pollution data released by who last May showed that 14 of the 15 cities with the most serious air pollution in the world last year were Indian cities; Kanpur ranks first and New Delhi ranks sixth

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