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Pay attention to differentiation and avoid vicious competition in strategic emerging industries

under the current economic downturn, the 12th Five Year Plan for the development of national strategic emerging industries (hereinafter referred to as the plan) officially issued by the State Council is undoubtedly a shot in the arm to the market

the plan proposes that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the average annual growth rate of the scale of strategic emerging industries will remain above 20%. The plan lists the specific development goals, major actions, and major policies of the energy conservation and environmental protection industry, the new generation of information technology industry, the biological industry, high-end equipment manufacturing industry, the new energy industry, and the new material industry. By 2015, the added value of strategic emerging industries will account for about 8% of GDP, and by 2020, it will account for 15% of GDP

at the same time, the plan further defines that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, 20 major projects will be focused on the implementation of intelligent manufacturing equipment, broadband China, and the upgrading of key materials

is the deepening and refinement of the decision

Zhang Xiaoqiang, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission, recently pointed out that the plan released this time is the deepening and refinement of the main contents of the 2010 decision of the State Council on accelerating the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries (hereinafter referred to as the "decision"), which is consistent with the basic principles and guiding ideology put forward in the decision. It is a more specific deployment and arrangement for us to cultivate and develop strategic emerging industries in the next five years. Starting from the great requirement of cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries, highlighting the characteristics of phased development and landmark major tasks, this paper puts forward a roadmap and major projects that fatigue causes about 70% of the development of key industries, as well as more specific organizational and implementation measures

Zhang Xiaoqiang said that in the decision and the plan released this time, both put forward four visions for the development of strategic emerging industries. First, the ability of industrial innovation and development has been greatly improved. We should strive to break through a number of key core technologies, accelerate the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, improve the industrial innovation system, and lay a solid foundation for the development of strategic emerging industries. Second, the innovation and entrepreneurship environment should be improved, and we should strive to basically establish and improve the investment and financing, policy and institutional environment conducive to the industrialization of new technologies and the growth and expansion of emerging enterprises through five years of efforts. Third, the status of international division of labor has been significantly improved. We should vigorously cultivate internationally operated enterprises with independent intellectual property rights and well-known brands, strive to seize the commanding height of economic and technological competition, and improve the level of international development. Fourth, the leading role should be significantly enhanced. Efforts should be made to optimize the products, enterprises and layout structure of strategic emerging industries, maintain rapid growth, and enhance the leading role in national economic and social development. By 2015, we will strive to make the proportion of strategic emerging industries in GDP reach about 8% from less than 4% in 2010, and reach 15% by 2020, so that it can truly become an important driving force for economic and social development

the development of the seven major industries has its own emphasis

the plan puts forward that by 2020, we will strive to make strategic emerging industries become the national economy and can set different experimental parameters according to different standards; The attached power socket and power on detection device can timely detect the power supply status of samples in the test, which is an important driving force for social development. The added value accounts for 15% of GDP. Some industries and key technologies have reached the international advanced level. Energy conservation and environmental protection, new generation information technology, biology and high-end equipment manufacturing industries have become pillar industries of the national economy, new energy, new materials The new energy automobile industry has become the leading industry of the national economy

the first four areas are to develop into pillar industries of the national economy. The last three areas are to develop it into a leading industry. In terms of its mission and the focus of development, it can be said that there is a slight difference, not the average use of power. Zhang Xiaoqiang said

Zhang Xiaoqiang pointed out that it mainly depends on the market prospect, the level of scientific and technological progress and the driving degree to the whole economy and society. For example, the development of new energy vehicles is of great significance in the long run. However, objectively speaking, the new energy vehicles now targeted are plug-in hybrid vehicles and pure electric vehicles. Last year, the sales volume was 12000, while last year's overall vehicle sales volume was 18.4 million, and the sales volume of new energy vehicles in the first half of this year was 5200

Zhang Xiaoqiang believes that in developing strategic emerging industries, we should grasp the different characteristics of different fields and should not use power equally

avoid repeated construction and vicious competition

Zhang Xiaoqiang pointed out that the development of strategic emerging industries can promote economic development at present. In the long run, every place can strive to make itself better and go better in the process of national industrialization, urbanization and even the basic realization of modernization, so the enthusiasm of local governments is relatively high

Zhang Xiaoqiang believes that some regions have announced the 12th Five year development plan of local strategic emerging industries before the country. In terms of the name, everyone seems to have repeated, almost the same. But no matter which method is carefully studied, there are still differences. For example, it is also the development of new energy industry. Some places pay more attention to the development of new energy equipment manufacturing, such as nuclear power plant power generation manufacturing or wind power generation manufacturing. 1. In some places, the formula for calculating thrust (f) attaches importance to the development of products, while northwest and North China should vigorously build wind power plants. In fact, in high-end equipment manufacturing, it has different emphasis on the new generation of information technology

Zhang Xiaoqiang said that the development of strategic emerging industries has also shown a trend of homogenization

many places take new energy vehicles as their development priorities, and many provinces also take photovoltaic power generation as their development priorities. In this case, there is indeed a risk of low-level repeated construction. In some places, everyone wants to speed up development, but may be trapped by their own conditions and capabilities, the mainland and coastal areas are still different. Therefore, both the decision and the plan emphasize that strategic emerging industries are a national policy, including 24 priorities in seven major areas. At the same time, different regions are encouraged to give full play to their comparative advantages from their own characteristics, so as to form a pattern of complementary and coordinated advantages in different regions of the country

therefore, the plan clearly proposes to rely on the existing advantageous industrial agglomeration areas, make full use of existing resources, promote the agglomeration of technology, talents, capital and other elements to enterprises and industries with technological innovation advantages, and build a number of strategic emerging industry demonstration bases with sound systems and mechanisms, great market vitality, perfect industrial chains, strong radiation and drive, and international competitiveness

Zhang Xiaoqiang revealed that at present, relevant departments and governments at all levels are paying close attention to formulating and continuously issuing a number of implementation rules to promote the development of strategic emerging industries. These supporting measures and methods are mainly carried out around finance and taxation, investment and financing support, technological innovation, intellectual property protection, talent training and introduction, market environment cultivation, key areas and key environmental reforms

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