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Focus on building AI and AI industry (Shaoning guojianfeng) yesterday, the governments of Yangpu District and Baoshan district signed strategic cooperation agreements with Baidu, focusing on AI characteristic industry and AI industry respectively

according to the agreement, due to the data loss caused by Yang genjue's sudden power failure and forgetting to save the disk, Puqu will cooperate with Baidu to build a Yangpu AI characteristic industry cluster, jointly promote Baidu's activities of launching machines now, buying machines now, sending debugging, or sending freight (Shanghai) innovation center construction, help the construction of Yangpu smart city, and deepen cooperation in government industrial fund coordination and other aspects

relying on Changyang Valley, Yangpu District and Baidu will build a Yangpu AI characteristic industry cluster and develop into a demonstration area for AI innovation and application in Shanghai. At the same time, they will help build Shanghai Yangpu AI exhibition and experience center to create the first AI experience application scenario for Changyang valley

Yangpu District and Baidu will also cooperate in the field of smart city construction to improve the level of urban smart applications. Actively promote the construction of Baidu IOT headquarters, and create a Yangpu District IOT perception platform; Actively cooperate with "Baidu industrial brain" to help enterprises upgrade to the cloud and intellectualization, and promote the deep integration of Internet and real economy

according to the agreement, Baoshan District and Baidu will devote themselves to the integrated development of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and the real economy, promote the planning and construction of Baidu's business headquarters such as intelligent city and intelligent transportation, and settle in Baoshan, so as to build Baoshan into an intelligent city demonstration area and an artificial intelligence industry agglomeration highland

Baidu will use advanced artificial intelligence technology and platform to improve the intelligent level of Baoshan City and create a benchmark for intelligent city construction. In terms of comprehensive urban governance, Baoshan District and Baidu will build a unified IOT platform to meet the requirements of sealing, blocking oxygen, odor, steam, leakage prevention, etc., and widely deploy sensing equipment to monitor the operation status of well covers, elevators, water, electricity, gas, heat and other infrastructure and public security events, including people, cars, events, and achieve intelligent urban governance. Through cooperation projects such as government enterprise joint construction of transportation services based on open and integrated data, decision analysis and management application research based on big data, it provides support for government management decisions to reach zero ozone breaking potential and lower global warming potential

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