Focus on customer needs and win HMI Market

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Pay attention to customer needs and win the HMI market

at present, the competition in the human-machine interface market is very fierce. How to stand out among many HMI brands is a problem faced by many manufacturers. Beier Electronics Group is a supplier of automation products, whose products cover two business areas: human-machine interface and automation products. As a professional human-machine interface supplier, many enterprises of Beier electronics have always found a blind spot where law enforcement departments only check the oxygen index, and constantly improve the functions of products and software based on the needs of customers

in the crisis, reducing costs is what everyone pursues, but improving competitiveness is more important. During the exhibition, the 2016 China smart factory Summit Forum, Taizhou kelcai industry exchange and cooperation promotion conference, the joint meeting of the National Plastic Industry Association, and the docking meeting of high-quality products from the source of plastic daily necessities were also held at the same time. They have the characteristics of high cost performance, high product stability, powerful network functions, and simple operation, which can provide high added value for customers' products

at present, Beier Electronics Shanghai branch is mainly responsible for the promotion, sales and service of exter series human-machine interface in the Chinese Mainland market. Exter is mainly aimed at medium and high-end customers in the market. Its products are people-oriented and carry out industrial process design and management. Relying on 28 years of automation experience, it allows customers to easily handle industrial applications every day

from the perspective of HMI products alone, in the past 30 years, man-machine products have been developing according to the needs of customers, from text to graphic form, from monochrome screen to high-definition screen, and man-machine functions will be more and more abundant; From the perspective of application industry, there are not many industries in which HMI was applied in the initial stage of development. So far, the scope of man-machine application has become more and more extensive, including municipal, transportation, environmental protection and other industries. With the design of material formula and the application of industrial Ethernet, fieldbus and other technologies, Jinan assaying professional manufacturers are becoming more and more mature. In the future, the network human-machine interface will have a broader market

HMI products of Beier Electronic Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

in order to meet the needs of different automation industries, Beier electronic has launched different models one after another. For example, we have launched a visible man-machine interface for some customers who have been operating outdoors for a long time. This man-machine interface can still be read clearly even under strong light. It can be said that Beier electronics has a very good understanding of customers' needs, and can customize solutions for customers

Beier electronics can customize products according to customers' personality. The main customers of customized products in Beier in Europe are Tetra Pak packaging, sew EURODRIVE, abb, Mitsubishi and other companies. Beier's unique integrated HMI (human machine interface) service is designed to meet the customization needs of OEM manufacturers and provide solutions for automation applications. Its products range from small and compact products to large-scale operation panel interfaces and PC based open systems. Regardless of customer needs, Beier electronics is always a reliable partner. The company listens to customers' requirements and provides such high-quality and reliable man-machine interface solutions. Through thousands of application tests, it adapts to complex environments and provides a variety of communication drivers. The standard products of all brands are flexible and provide a variety of optional functions, specifications and customization options

after continuous improvement, the HMI products of Beier electronics are all aluminum magnesium alloy shells, which have high-definition and wide viewing angle, and are more durable and high-definition; Beier has a variety of models, including push-button and touch-screen human-machine interfaces, with sizes ranging from 3.5 to 15 inches; The front panel of HMI products passes IP66 protection grade, which is dust-proof and can resist high-pressure water flow from any direction; The product has high stability, has passed EMC certification, is anti electromagnetic interference, and is anti vibration; Its advantage of multiple interfaces is reflected in the built-in 10/100m Ethernet card, which can support PROFIBUS, CANopen and MPI through the expansion module; Its storage temperature can reach -40 ~ +70 ℃, which is more suitable for wide temperature conditions; Powerful networking functions include email sending function, remote access, FTP server, web server and bdtp function; And Beier has passed the certification of German, Norwegian and Italian classification societies

Beier plans to cooperate with distributors in the future to create a win-win situation for customers, manufacturers and distributors. According to the current growth intensity, BEIR can achieve an annual growth rate of at least 30%. The company is currently applying for the certification of China Classification Society. In the next step, we plan to develop more customers in different industries in the Chinese market, such as shipbuilding, electric power, environmental protection and petroleum, which are our key industries

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