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Chemical industry: the peak season is coming. Pay attention to polyurethane

a total of 38 product prices rose this week, 29 product prices were unchanged from last week, and 15 product prices fell. Compared with last week, the falling varieties increased slightly, and the rising varieties decreased. A total of five products increased by more than 5% this week. Butanone, the largest increase, increased by 10.74% this week. The latest price was 13500 yuan/ton, with a cumulative increase of 41.48% in three months. In addition, the prices of liquid chlorine, international urea, caustic soda and urea all increased by more than 5% to optimize the variety structure. Glyphosate is the only product with a decrease of more than 5% this week, with the latest price of 19500 yuan/ton, down 5.13%

crude oil prices showed a pattern of upward volatility. The upward momentum was mainly from the explosion of the Mexican oil plant on Tuesday and the oil spill of the Illinois oil pipeline on Friday, which finally closed at $76.45 this week. We believe that the oil price has broken through the technical resistance level in the near future, and the possibility of further rise cannot be ruled out in the future. However, in view of the high crude oil inventory, which is still difficult to digest in the short term, and the economic outlook is still uncertain, it is unlikely to continue to rise. We expect that there will still be consolidation demand after the rising and falling of the future market

and whether the labels made from this will be completely burned after reprocessing. The viscose shows upward signs, and phosphorus, potassium, rubber, polyurethane are consolidated at a high level. This week, 32% ionic membrane caustic soda and liquid chlorine continued to increase significantly. The main driving force for the upward trend was the reduction in supply caused by energy-saving power rationing and the warming of downstream demand. However, the product price was close to the historical high, and there was limited room for continued upward movement. The price of calcium carbide rose, pushing the price of downstream PVC up; The prices of yellow phosphorus, sulfur and sulfuric acid have increased significantly, and the downstream demand has given strong support to the upstream raw material prices. Combined with other factors, the prices of basic products of phosphorus and sulfur have risen; Methanol prices, which rose in the early stage, failed to receive effective support from demand, fell significantly this week, and aromatics continued to consolidate; Plastic prices were dominated by crude oil prices and olefin prices; Rubber products have been affected by the peak season effect of "jinjiuyin", which not only benefits from the uninterrupted support of the Korean government in recent years, but also continues to rise. However, after the price is high, it is faced with certain adjustment pressure. Whether the demand for automotive tires in the future can be given strong support is worthy of attention; Urea in the agrochemical market, stimulated by the energy-saving limit, which can be completely vibrated while measuring, the reduction of electricity supply and the sharp rise in the periphery, rose significantly. The tight supply pattern of phosphate fertilizer market is expected to continue until the end of this year. Due to the recent arrival of import sources in the potash fertilizer market, coupled with the recent winter wheat phosphorus season, the supply and demand is generally stable. With the arrival of winter storage, there is still a wave of market in the future, In addition, BHP Billiton has recently paid close attention to the acquisition of potash Corp. of Canada; The arrival of the peak season of polyurethane has led to the continuation of the overall rising pattern of related products. We are concerned about the continuous rise in prices in the near future caused by the shortage of butanone. The polyester fiber market is affected by the downstream restrictions, the trend of filament differentiation, weak consolidation, short fiber is relatively strong, viscose short fiber prices continue to rise, which is worthy of attention. The profitability of related enterprises will be improved, and other varieties will remain stable

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