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The core focus of 2017 China International aluminum industry exhibition focuses on gathering industry elites to talk about automobile lightweight

in recent years, with the increasingly prominent contradiction between China's economic growth demand and the demand for environmental quality improvement, energy conservation and emission reduction are imminent. On the other hand, at the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, ASTM E331 ⑵ 000, a standard test method for rainwater leakage of external windows, skylights, doors and curtain walls under standard static pressure difference, put forward five development concepts of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing. The concept of green development has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and has become an important direction of China's economic and social transformation and development in the future. To this end, the government has successively issued policies to strengthen the implementation of energy conservation and emission reduction in the automotive industry, which is the general trend of automotive lightweight. In order to comply with the development trend, the 2017 China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition has developed from the whole industry chain procurement platform after 13 years to the direction of deep processing. We constantly hope to help you: communicate with merchants and end users to meet the needs of industry development. Aiming at the vehicle lightweight that the vehicle manufacturers are concerned about, from materials, processes to related connection technologies, the sponsor of lizhan Expo Group in 2017 timely launched a special area for vehicle lightweight, which includes the core display of vehicle lightweight related materials and related supporting equipment, and invited foreign Youxiu lightweight vehicle enterprises to conduct technical exchanges and achievements sharing with domestic technicians on site

vehicle lightweight is to reduce the vehicle's servicing quality as much as possible on the premise of ensuring the vehicle's strength and safety performance, so as to improve the vehicle's power, reduce fuel consumption and reduce exhaust pollution. Due to the needs of energy conservation and environmental protection, automobile lightweight has become the trend of the development of the world automobile industry. Material is one of the important ways to realize automobile lightweight. As a light metal, aluminum has become one of the best materials to promote automobile lightweight because of its light weight, good ductility and other excellent properties. In particular, the all aluminum body performs very well in vehicle weight reduction and emission reduction. The aluminum body can reduce the overall weight of the vehicle by 10% - 15%. Especially for commercial vehicles, the weight of the skeleton of the all aluminum body can be reduced by 30% - 45%, and the weight of the skin can be reduced by 50% - 60%. The weight reduction effect will be more obvious. Using 1kg aluminum can reduce the weight of the car by 2.25kg and reduce the exhaust emission by 20kg in the life cycle of the car. At present, China has put vehicle lightweight on the agenda and formulated a three-step plan for vehicle lightweight: it is planned to achieve 190 kg of aluminum per vehicle in 2020, 250 kg of aluminum per vehicle in 2025 and 350 kg of aluminum per vehicle in 2030. It can be seen from the goal of automobile lightweight that China attaches great importance to the realization of automobile lightweight through a large amount of aluminum, which is expected to drive automobile aluminum into a new stage

coincidentally, at the 10th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, which is being held enthusiastically in Shanghai, automobile lightweight has also become the focus of exhibitors' exhibition and the hot spot of the industry. Take the famous exhibitor Aojie Co., Ltd. as an example, it has attracted wide attention with its all aluminum lightweight series products and its independent new energy vehicle - the new urban pure electric logistics vehicle series. Among them, four all aluminum lightweight products have become a highlight of the exhibition because of their high market competitiveness. The four heavyweight all aluminum products are: all aluminum bus body, all aluminum car body, all aluminum cargo box and all aluminum battery frame. The four all aluminum products are all Aojie star products. Among them, the all aluminum bus body and car body have been on the market for five years. With excellent cost performance, more than 17000 sets have been sold, occupying the first share of the domestic sales market; Moreover, the longest mileage of models equipped with all aluminum bus bodies has reached more than 600000 kilometers. In addition, as a new lightweight material as famous as aluminum, the large-scale application of carbon fiber lightweight technology and products has become the biggest highlight of this auto show. Under the general trend and background of accelerating the lightweight of automobiles, the collaborative development and combined application of a variety of advanced materials has gradually become the mainstream direction of R & D and manufacturing. Therefore, in the special lightweight area set up at this year's international aluminum industry exhibition, in addition to traditional light metals such as aluminum and magnesium, the exhibits can also see a variety of emerging materials such as composite materials and carbon fibers, as well as advanced supporting equipment related to lightweight

as the annual feast of the global aluminum industry, the international aluminum industry exhibition has always been the wind vane of the development trend of the world aluminum industry, and continues to innovate in development, develop in innovation, and its industry influence is increasing day by day. According to the organizer, in addition to the precise positioning of this year's exhibition, the achievements of which have been implemented in Jiangsu, Fujian and other provinces, the number of traditional well-known exhibitors and new exhibitors has increased significantly compared with previous years. In addition to the well-known exhibitors at home and abroad, such as Chinalco, Liaoning Zhongwang, Suzhou Mingde, yiterly, Prady, deli CNC Equipment Co., Ltd., uacj, amag, many excellent enterprises have made their debut at the aluminum industry exhibition for the first time, Such as constellium, SIJ ravne systems, Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone Zhongtian Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., Hefei kaxing numerical control equipment Co., Ltd., Zhangjiagang Tongli cold bending metal Co., Ltd., Henan Zhongfu, Guangxi Baise baikuang, yinbang Co., Ltd., etc. It has formed a good situation in which old friends come in droves and new friends come in droves

from focusing on the whole aluminum industry chain in the past, to now extending to the direction of automotive lightweight, the international aluminum industry exhibition is carrying out endogenous innovation simultaneously with the transformation and upgrading of the aluminum industry. More and more excellent enterprises at home and abroad gather in Shanghai as scheduled in July every year to show their latest and cutting-edge products, technologies and concepts. During this year's aluminum industry exhibition, the exhibition theme activities with "automobile lightweight core technology seminar" and "automobile lightweight zone" as the two core highlights will be accurately displayed for the visiting professional visitors. The "auto parts and forgings exhibition area" has been held for two consecutive years. This year, it will focus on the display of various materials, castings, forgings, including high-end aluminum, as well as cutting-edge products and technologies that can effectively promote automobile lightweight, such as welding and connection technology. The on-site activity of "one meeting brings two areas" fully demonstrates the great innovation and continuous development of China's international aluminum industry exhibition in the direction of automobile lightweight. In July, Shanghai will gather with many excellent enterprises with her most enthusiastic attitude to discuss the future development of the industry

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