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There are more and more glass curtain walls in high-rise buildings in the city: there is a gap in maintenance supervision

with the rapid development of economy and society, there are more and more high-rise buildings in the city, and a large number of glass curtain walls and other facilities outside the buildings also appear. However, have the glass exterior walls of many buildings been regularly and professionally cleaned and cared after years of wind, sun, rain, dust, air, tail gas and other natural pollution and human violations? In recent days, I visited many roads in Qiancheng and found that the glass curtain walls on many buildings have been out of control for many years, which not only posed a security threat to people from the air, but also greatly affected the image of the city

glass curtain wall: there is a gap in maintenance supervision

data picture glass curtain wall becomes an invisible "killer"

on November 10, I saw several cleaners wearing thick ropes hanging in mid air to wipe the dust and stains on the glass curtain wall downstairs in a restaurant in Zhonglian mall, Wenqing Road, Ganzhou City. According to these cleaning personnel, the glass curtain wall with glass as the panel material can add beauty to the building, and has certain advantages in lighting, ventilation and so on, so it is favored by many citizens and real estate developers. However, after installing the glass curtain wall, if citizens do not regularly carry out professional cleaning and care for the glass curtain wall, the glass is easy to oxidize, so the glass outer wall will produce a lot of noise at the same time, and the service life will be shortened, especially in bad weather, there are still many hidden safety problems

on the same day, he also visited Qingnian Road and Houde road in Ganzhou City. Looking up at the downstairs of a residential building at No. 2 Qingnian Road, I found that the exterior wall glass of many households upstairs had been damaged in a large area, and the supports of some glass windows had already been rusted. Many residents nearby told that because the house was built more than 20 years ago, they usually lack maintenance and cleaning of the sealing strip, sealant and other parts on the glass window that should be inspected for a long time. Many glasses have cracks, and residents just stick it with transparent glue to prevent it from falling down immediately. Uncle Xiao, a citizen, said, "our glass window is usually wiped on the side next to the house before the Spring Festival every year. We dare not wipe the side facing the street. We are afraid that if we push and pull harder, some weathered glass fragments will fall down and hit passers-by."

Ms. Zeng, a citizen who works in a shop on the street at No. 86 Houde Road, said, "I found that the glass walls of some office buildings and residential buildings above the store were very old, and I had never seen anyone come to maintain them. When I passed here every day, I was afraid that a piece of glass would fall down, and I had to walk quickly with fear every time I passed."

under the action of gravity or external forces (such as strong winds), buildings are prone to glass falling accidents, but at present, many people have not paid enough attention to the potential safety hazards of glass curtain walls. There is no need to adjust the balance of force measurement. On April 21 this year, a thrilling scene occurred in the Tianji Huating community of Hakka Avenue in Ganzhou City: a piece of tempered curtain wall glass with an area of about 1 square meter suddenly "flew down" from the 13th floor, and "crashed" into the sidewalk on the street. The falling glass fragments hit two cars parked on the roadside, and the sidewalk was full of glass fragments. Fortunately, no casualties were caused, Otherwise, the consequences will be unimaginable

chaotic high-altitude cleaning industry

recently, I contacted many cleaning companies to inquire whether I can ask someone to clean my own glass curtain wall. These cleaning companies have said that they can clean at home. When asked whether the high-altitude cleaners they hired had received professional training and whether they had professional qualification certificates, most of them kept silent. One of the cleaning staff, who asked not to be named, said: "it doesn't require any academic qualifications to do this, and we haven't received any professional training. Most of us come out to do work after watching others do it several times. Usually, when there is business, we can clean up to 200 square meters a day."

it is understood that there are not a few "spider men" in our city who have not received any training and are fighting guerrillas. When they work, the ropes vary in thickness. Most of them bring their own safety belts, and not everyone wears them. Some people don't even wear safety helmets, and few people buy insurance for themselves. The chaos of the whole industry makes the "Spider Man" group bear great risks. Therefore, the "Spider Man" falling from a building is often seen in the newspapers of major cities

according to Ye Fangping, general manager of Jiangxi Hakka people cleaning Co., Ltd., the key material for bonding the stressed metal of the building curtain wall with the glass material is "structural glue", but the best "structural glue" has a shelf life of only 10 years. After the deadline, the glass curtain wall is easy to be damaged, the hardware components that open the window are corroded and deformed, the glass is dense, but the seals of general manufacturers are aging and cracked, "Larsen said, and the stressed components are loose

it is understood that when the glass curtain wall is in normal use, a comprehensive inspection should be carried out every five years to inspect the glass, sealing strip, sealant, structural silicone sealant and other components. However, at present, most of the curtain wall glasses of some office buildings and residential quarters in our city are lack of maintenance, and there is a phenomenon of extended "service". Many glass curtain wall building owners usually pay attention to waterproof and leak proof issues when checking safety issues, and the maintenance of glass curtain wall is still relatively lacking. Therefore, ye Fangping suggested that citizens had better choose qualified regular cleaning units to maintain the glass curtain wall every other year, so as to better ensure the safety factor of the glass curtain wall

absence of safety supervision of glass curtain wall

in recent years, there have been many "glass rain" incidents in Ganzhou and other domestic cities, which have left many citizens with lingering fear. Nowadays, high-rise buildings are everywhere. Glass curtain walls are widely used. Whether the quality and safety of glass curtain walls are reliable, and who is responsible for and who supervises the safety problems have gradually attracted the attention of all sectors of society

it is understood that the management measures for the safety maintenance of existing building curtain walls issued by the Ministry of construction in 2006 stipulates that "the owner responsibility system shall be implemented for the safety maintenance of existing building curtain walls." In recent days, when talking with many owners and property managers about the shelf life, maintenance period, maintenance and other issues of glass curtain walls, most of them said they were not clear. They only knew that glass curtain walls needed cleaning, but did not know how to identify and supervise their safety

recently, I consulted a staff member surnamed Xie from the building management section of Ganzhou urban planning and construction bureau about the repair and maintenance of glass curtain walls. He told that the urban construction department mainly manages the planning, construction and acceptance of buildings. The state has relevant technical specifications for the construction of glass curtain walls, but they are only responsible for the acceptance of whether the use of materials in the construction process of glass curtain walls is safe and up to standard. After the acceptance, the general construction unit and the construction unit will agree on the relevant repair and maintenance rules of glass curtain wall and other facilities, which are no longer within the management scope of the urban construction department

for the cleaning of glass curtain walls and other sanitation work, the staff of the city appearance Department of Ganzhou Urban Management Bureau told that the cleaning of glass curtain walls and other buildings is generally the responsibility of the property right unit itself. The relevant staff of Ganzhou Bureau of Quality Supervision said that they are only responsible for the quality supervision of the glass produced by glass enterprises or sold by the direct selling points of glass production enterprises. Generally, the tempered glass is required to meet the national standard certification

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