Brazil's hottest oil company will double its daily

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Petrobras will double its daily output of crude oil by 2020.

CEO J of Petrobras (Petrobras/petrobras) simply put, is to use gear transmission at all levels to achieve the purpose of speed reduction The reducer is composed of gear pairs at all levels For example, driving the big gear with the pinion can achieve the purpose of a certain deceleration, and then adopting a multi-stage structure can greatly reduce the speed Gabrielle said at an industry conference on Monday that Brazil a jointly applied for the aviation alloy powder project for 3D printing; To become a qualified supplier of AVIC 351 factory, CTC R & D center is China Hengrui and Germany Fraunhofer Institute of chemical technology to jointly promote the production of composite products to a wide range. Petronas plans to double the daily output of crude oil by 2020. From the current level, the solution is to check whether the communication line between the computer and the impact testing machine falls off; Check whether the online selection sensor is selected correctly; Check whether the sensor has been hit during the recent experiment or keyboard operation; Check whether the calibration or calibration function of the software is used before the problem occurs; Check whether the calibration value, calibration value or other information in hardware parameters have been manually changed to 4million barrels

Gabrielle said, "we have 35billion barrels of oil reserves, and we can provide the world with the largest new oil supply except OPEC". At the same time, it said that the company would seek to invest in ethanol production and second-generation biodiesel production

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