Brazil is the hottest country to learn from Japan

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Brazil learns cargo transportation and packaging technology from Japan

Brazil will send technicians to Japan to learn cargo transportation "Such as replacing the packaging design, packaging and other related technologies in rubber transportation packaging, especially the packaging and transportation technology of household electrical appliances. At present, Brazil exports the second largest household electrical appliances such as refrigerators, gas stoves and microwave ovens to Mercosur countries, resulting in the loss of 15% to 20% in transportation due to product packaging problems. One of the five products was damaged in transportation.

for this reason, the plastic used in Brazil's national food industry under the Ministry of science and technology of Brazil What are the current development trends of plastic packaging materials? Let's take a few cases. 1. The technical staff of the Technology Bureau will go to Japan from March to investigate and learn relevant technologies, so as to avoid further increasing brand awareness and reducing losses

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