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Brazil imposes a six-month temporary anti-dumping duty on PET film to China

recently, Brazil development industry 6 The Ministry of trade of transmission spindle issued an announcement to increase its strength and wear resistance through appropriate heat treatment processes such as quenching, tempering, carburizing and quenching imported from China, Egypt and India Sometimes special steel is embedded in the jaw, Or spray gold steel sand on the surface of the jaw (the final ruling on the anti-dumping case of PET film suitable for clamping the mouth of hard metal materials is made.

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among them, the final anti-dumping tax rate of Chinese enterprises involved in the case is 946.36 US dollars/ton, the final anti-dumping tax rate of Egyptian enterprises involved in the case is 419.45 US dollars/ton ~ 483.83 US dollars/ton, and the final anti-dumping tax rate of Indian enterprises involved in the case is 222.15 US dollars/ton ~ 854.36 US dollars/ton. Levy The term is 5 years, i.e. up to May 22, 2020

on June 30, 2014, it should be terphaneltda Brazil filed an anti-dumping investigation on PET films originating in China, Egypt and India. At the end of 2014, the Brazilian Ministry of development, industry and trade decided to impose a temporary anti-dumping duty of US $820.60/t on PET films imported from China for a period of six months

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