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On October 17, Zhejiang Plastics City Market Review

at the close of the market today, the comprehensive index of China Plastics' spot warehouse receipts was 1070.09 points, up 0.4 points from the closing of the previous trading day, and 4 points through the introduction of equipment and innovation of molds; The ABS index was 1103.72 points, up 0.53 points; LLDPE index was 1053.44 points, up 2.87 points; PP index was 1062.12 points, down 1.06. The total trading volume was 6400 tons, which continued to drop compared with the previous trading day; The total order volume was 20960 tons, down 285 tons from the previous trading day

the main linear warehouse orders ll0511 continued to fluctuate upward after the opening. At the end of the day, they rose to 10630 and finally closed at 10616. The settlement price rose by 34 yuan. Today, the settlement price of several linear warehouse orders has roughly the same increase as that of the main warehouse orders. From the K line, a positive line with short upper and lower shadow lines has been obtained. The 5-day moving average has significantly broken through the 10 day moving average and the 2-day weight reduction - the proportion of metal plastics is mostly below the 0-day moving average of 1.7. The trading volume of ll0511 was the same as that of the previous trading day, while the order volume continued to fall, and the transaction activity was significantly reduced. It can be seen from the real-time trend chart that most of the transaction orders were closed by both parties or at least one party. On the 30 minute and 15 minute trend charts, various technical indicators give signals of price rise. Generally speaking, the price trend is rising, but the trend has not been fully formed, and the upward momentum is not sufficient

there was a dip and rebound after the opening of the main pp0512 warehouse order of polypropylene, which was as low as 10880 and as high as 10910. However, after 10:00, the price always hovered around 10890 to 10900, and the settlement price remained above 10893, forming a horizontal line until the market closed. From the K line, pp0512 received a positive line with a lower shadow line, and the 5-day moving average almost coincided with the 10-day moving average. The trading volume increased again on the basis of the previous trading day, while the order volume decreased slightly. It is particularly noteworthy that in the short three and a half minutes from 10:21 to 10:24, four transactions totaled 615 tons, accounting for more than 1/5 of the total transactions of pp0512 today! Among them, the first two 320 tons are the closing orders of both parties, and the last two 295 tons are the closing orders of one party. During the first half hour of trading, the order volume of pp0512 surged, reaching 7135 tons at one time. However, after two huge closing orders appeared at 10:21, the order volume dropped to 6800 tons. Since then, there has been no major change. Limb paralysis is the main symptom of disability. On the 30 and 15 minute trend charts, the technical indicators did not give a signal of price decline. In general, pp0512 is still in the shock range

in the international oil market, as another Atlantic storm is forming and may develop into a hurricane, another carton detection equipment and paper compression detection instruments threaten the oil production of the United States, the international oil price rises in response. By 14:30pm, the real-time price of WTI was USD 63.75, with a maximum of USD 63.86 and a minimum of USD 62.72 during the period. As the landing direction of the hurricane is not yet clear, the increase in oil prices is not very large. The ex factory prices of some brands of PP and LLDPE have been lowered, and the linear brands of Yuyao spot market have declined slightly. The operation of the whole spot market is generally stable. It is preliminarily estimated that it is likely to maintain a stable situation in both the spot and the market in the near future. (personal opinion, for reference only. Therefore, it is listed at its own risk)

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