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Recent comments on the price of waste paper market in the United States

low label: Despite recent buying from China, South Korea, Indonesia and India, the export price of old corrugated boxes in the United States still fell. This may indicate that overseas buyers have reached the price peak they can accept, or it is more attractive for them to buy old European corrugated boxes at present. At present, many factories that consume old corrugated boxes in the United States have ended the shutdown period and began to devote themselves to the production of holiday related packaging products. Anchor chain tensile strength testing machine the testing machine is composed of main oil cylinder, frame, auxiliary oil cylinder and clamping jaw. The above situation, coupled with the current reduction in the recycling volume of old corrugated boxes, may change the current trend of small price decline before the end of this summer

due to the seasonal decrease of waste paper recycling, the old newspaper market last week did not change compared with the previous week. In the East/West Bank of the United States, the supply and demand of the market on the existing lines are still relatively balanced. The prices in New York and Los Angeles are $145 and $155/short ton respectively

high grade: while paying attention to the increase in the recycling amount of classified office waste paper, many users are now adopting more creative methods with good waste quality and low price? How to judge the quality of equipment like these to avoid injury? Our engineer will give you a lecture on how to buy paper. Similarly, most users of deinked waste paper have installed and adjusted relevant equipment to adapt to changes in circumstances and reduce raw material costs, so that a wider range of supplies can be used, such as crushed classified office waste paper, and coated old book paper with special UV paint/finish, etc

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