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The vice president of the International Printing Leadership Association returned from the printing house to talk about his experience

many people oppose change, even when the enterprise really needs it

recently, Raymond J. Prius, vice president of NAPL, visited a printing plant in the United States that has just installed two new large-scale printing equipment. The printing speed of the newly purchased sheet fed offset press can reach up to 18000 prints/hour, and the start-up preparation time is very short. However, the actual situation Prius saw was that the new equipment was running at a speed of 9000 India/hour, and it took two hours to prepare for startup. Prius once again witnessed the case of investing heavily in new equipment to improve productivity without any improvement

productivity is created by 70% manpower and 30% equipment. The employees of the enterprise must be recruited and trained according to the calculation, so that they can better serve to improve the productivity of the printing plant. The reform of the company has nothing to do with the age, position, race and background of the employees, which is entirely the work of the leadership

if your employees do not have a good free communication space, the productivity of the enterprise will never be improved. What will we do

1. When making decisions, we try to make the printing plant captain participate, which has achieved good social effects and

2. Let the captain actively participate in the printing equipment demonstration

3. Set corresponding standards for press pressure, speed, startup preparation time, wear, waste and printing quality

4. After new equipment installation and training, continue to keep in touch with the equipment manufacturer to better understand the operating performance of the equipment

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