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Donghai Futures: Tianjiao's pre market review 0509

() Tianjiao (22395,65.00,0.29%): (the pre market review will also greatly increase the proportion of exports to emerging countries, such as in the cooling process)

East: the main 809 contract of Shanghai Jiaotong opened at 22285 points on Thursday, and fell rapidly after the opening, reaching as low as 22055. Supported by the 22000 integer level, the price began to rise, and then the price remained between oscillations for most of the time, Closing at 22370

operation suggestion: our polymer professional knowledge of HuJiao has strong shock finishing in a short time, and we are highly cautious in following the hall type displacement sensor. HJ 809 short line resistance level 2240022500; Support position 2200021900. The support effectively opens many, many single resistance levels are blocked, but the position is closed; Do not go long below the support level

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