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As one of the most important tea varieties in the history of Chinese tea culture, Longjing tea has a well deserved stable position The purpose of this paper is to study the packaging of high-grade tea, and to introduce and comment on Longjing tea as a designated design goal

Longjing tea originated in temples at first, and it is particular about its variety, collection, copying and taste. Many kinds of Longjing tea are planted on the acid hills and slopes near the mountains and near the water, where sunny days can receive full sunshine and rain is easy to drain. Spring harvest, summer hoe, autumn pruning and winter manure cannot be delayed at all. Otherwise, people will miss a season of tea and a year of tea. Tea farmers near Longjing rely on one season of spring tea for their daily necessities. In addition to spring tea, local people regard it as firewood in summer and autumn. Spring tea is divided into four blocks. The first spring tea is picked before the Qingming Festival, which is called "pre Ming Tea". Its tea buds are just like lotus hearts, so it is called "Lotus hearts", which is the best among the treasures. Making "lotus heart" - it usually takes more than four kilograms of green leaves (locally known as "Caozi") to make one kilogram of dry tea, while a skilled tea picking girl can only pick ten to twenty liang of tender buds every day. Spring tea is picked before Gu Yu, which is also called "tea before the rain". At this time, the bud handle of the tea has grown into a leaf, which looks like a flag. The tea bud is long, and its shape is like a gun, so it is also called "flag gun". Before the beginning of summer, three spring tea is picked. There are two attached leaves next to the d-inch tea bud, which look like a sparrow tongue, so the industry is commensurate with the "sparrow tongue". The four spring tea is picked in the month after the three spring tea. At this time, the tea is already in pieces with tea stems. Therefore, tea farmers call it "stem slices". In the past, this kind of tea was used by tea farmers to practice technology on behalf of others

Longjing tea has always taken "lion, dragon, cloud and tiger" as the top grade. Lion is Lion Peak, dragon is Dragon Well, cloud is cloud habitat, and tiger is tiger running. Longjing tea made by hand is named West Lake Longjing tea. The Longjing tea produced outside this area and within the jurisdiction of Hangzhou is named Hangzhou Longjing tea. Longjing tea, which surpasses Hangzhou and is produced in Zhejiang Province, is named Zhejiang Longjing tea. In the same way, those outside Zhejiang that adopt Longjing tea production technology and have flat tea shape can be named Longjing tea, such as Sichuan Longjing tea, Jiangsu Longjing tea, etc

Longjing tea is named after the spring. There is a Longjing spring in Longjing Village. Water is not dry all year round. It is said that Longjing spring leads directly to the East China Sea. As early as the Three Kingdoms period, people worshipped gods and prayed for rain beside the well. Li De, the chief soldier of the Ming Dynasty stationed in Zhejiang, led his troops at the foot of the Fenghuang ridge. In the 13th year of orthodoxy (1448), Hangzhou was in a severe drought. Soldiers went to the Longjing to get water. At that time, the flow was insufficient. Li ordered soldiers to dig the well and take out the silver bar of the year chiwu of the state of Wu, the Jade Buddha, the Jin Yuanbao of the Northern Song Dynasty and other things to worship gods. When he dug out again, suddenly dark clouds covered and the spring surged. Later, Lide built a temple near Longjing spring, which was named as Longjing temple after the spring, which is now the Longjing teahouse

the design of Longjing tea packaging is mainly from the aspects of color, culture and song production

the first is color, which is the most attractive in small package design. If the color is properly matched, consumers will have a pleasant feeling after reading it, which can attract consumers' attention. The packaging color is restricted by the commodity attribute, and the color itself has its attribute. Therefore, the color should be used cautiously, and strive to be less but precise, concise and lively. Or fresh and elegant, or gorgeous and moving, or plain and natural, to comply with the customs and appreciation habits of consumers. In addition, different colors should be used in consideration of different grades, occasions, varieties and characteristics of commodities. The design should pay attention to the unity of color and overall style. We should not use too many colors, nor use gold and silver everywhere, giving people a sense of flashiness. The design shall take into account the comparison with similar products except for the new aluminum project of Matt, learn from each other, and design a competitive package that can stand out among many commodities. According to the survey, 80% of the people believe that the tea in the red tea pot has a strong smell, a long aftertaste and a high grade of tea; In addition, 96% of the people thought that the tea smell in the green tea pot was fresh and fragrant; The tea is pure in quality and clear in color. It is a new tea. Therefore, the tea packaging mentioned in this paper has two main colors, namely red and green

followed by words. As tea culture is the essence of Chinese culture for thousands of years, with strong national characteristics, the Chinese New Wei Dynasty and official script are mainly used in the text of tea packaging design, which can give people the feeling of simplicity and immortality. Because the tea in the green tea pot is called "it gives people a feeling of freshness, mellowness and pure quality. The color of the tea is clear. It is a new tea, and it is also consistent with the content of green tea. A beautiful landscape picture is pasted on the golden section of the bag body at the stress point where the hand reaches the plastic attack without increasing the torque during the experiment, giving people the feeling of being in nature

in terms of characters, the four characters "Chinese famous tea" are in Chinese New Wei font, in black. The characters "Longjing tea" are written in clerical script in tea green

such font and color matching are consistent with the characteristics of green tea. A tea poem is embedded in the right upper part of the bag: "the sky wind intoxicates the guests, enjoying the mountain, the clouds are full of sand and water, and the spring equinox stone is full of flowers." This makes the cultural style of the whole design work to a higher level. At the same time, for consumers, such packaging is also meaningful and worth pondering and aftertaste

the Longjing tea black tea handbag designed in this paper adopts red as the main color. Because the red tea pot gives people the feeling that the tea inside has a strong smell, a long aftertaste, a high grade of tea, and is consistent with the content of black tea. A beautiful landscape picture is pasted on the golden section of the handbag, giving people the feeling of being in nature

in terms of characters, the four characters "Chinese famous tea" are in Chinese New Wei font, in black. The three characters "Longjing tea" are written in official script in reddish brown. Such font and color matching are consistent with the characteristics of green tea. A tea poem is embedded in the upper right of the bag: "the new fragrance of tea is finer, and it is better to cook it in a small pot. If you don't cook it in a loose fire, you will doubt that the meal will be rosy.". This poem coincides with the poem on the above green tea packaging: "the wind in the sky intoxicates the guests, and the Lu family is enjoying the wind. The clouds are covered with sand and water, and the spring equinox stone is covered with flowers." Echoes. It has the same literary grace, and it is not a simple repetition. It is complementary to the previous works

the tea box in the handbag is packed with wooden materials, and the external pattern is the same as that of the outside handbag. After opening the box, two tea cans can be accommodated inside, and a buffer device is arranged in the box. The inside of the box cover is a layer of cotton, and the surface of the sponge is a beautiful landscape picture. The color of the picture is light and elegant, not as bright and eye-catching as the outer bag. Such color collocation seems to have a sense of hierarchy, avoiding the suspicion of sameness

the characters are written in the new Wei Dynasty in Chinese, in the color of tea, and are accompanied by a poem: "Longjing new tea Longjing spring, a family style called cooking and frying. Inch buds come from rotten rocks and are baked into the valley before the rain. Why should fengtuan boast about the Royal name and talk about the soothing lotus with the tongue of a sparrow? It is ready to argue, laughing that I am still writing Zen." This poem depicts the taste, unique tea cooking method, tea soil and picking season of the new tea from Longjing spring, especially praises its elegant quality and unique flavor and interest

the tea cans in the tea packaging box are also exquisite. The cans of the green tea packaging are made of metal materials. The main domestic experimental machine of the whole can body has a gap in many details. The color is green. In addition to the exquisite landscape painting, other parts also use a light green, which makes the color of the whole composition more vivid. The lid of the tea can also uses a light green color, and the cover does not use the current popular man trap type, which will leave a gap on the surface: it will have an impact on the integrity of the composition. The lid of the tea pot designed in this paper is a plug-in type, which will make the pot have a sense of integrity. In addition, the texture of metal materials will give people a noble feeling, which coincides with the idea of appearance design of high-end tea packaging in this paper

the black tea packaging tank in the tea packaging box is made of metal materials. The main color of the whole tank is red. In addition to the beautiful landscape painting of Sichuan reddish brown, other parts also use a kind of light red, which makes the color of the whole composition more vivid. The lid of the tea can also uses a light red color, which is consistent with the green tea packaging in front. The cover also does not use the current popular man trapping type, but the plug-in type, which will make the can have a sense of integrity

in addition, the black tea bag also establishes the decarburization layer prediction model of experimental steel under high temperature. The inner box design of the package is the same as that of green tea, which is complementary to the green tea packaging

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