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East China Sea Futures: Comments on Tianjiao before the market 1130

East: Shanghai Jiao fell on Thursday due to the decline of crude oil, rose sharply in the afternoon due to the strong rebound of non-ferrous metals, and fell by 43.4% due to the pressure of closing positions in the late market. The benchmark month ru0803 opened 22090, with a maximum of 22160 and a minimum of 21640, and closed 21905. 380420 transactions were made throughout the day and 7392 positions were reduced daily. During the session, there was fierce competition for long and short positions around the 22000 front line. From the technical graph, the moving average was in a convergent state, and there was a lack of information in the market. It is recommended to focus on wait-and-see and short-term operations, and pay close attention to the trend of related varieties

limitless: as of November 29, the position status of Tokyo rubber market. The net position rate of the top three main long positions was 23.54%, and the net position rate of the top three main short positions was 24.74%. The main capital of 36553 positions was life

Tokyo rubber futures closed lower on Thursday. Despite the firmness of other commodity markets, the technical side was weak, and the increase in production of major rubber producing countries dragged down the price of raw rubber, dampening market sentiment. Tokyo traders said that the market outlook was weak due to bad fundamentals, but 270 yen is expected to be at least a strong support level in the short term, unless there is new news

Shanghai glue vibrates. In March, the short-term resistance is 22400, and the support is 21200. Figure 8 the use of metal paint and pearlescent effect spray free materials on automobiles has a severe short-term shock. It is recommended to configure technical lines for short physical layers within a day

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