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The blue ocean is the scenery that many people yearn for. Imagine sitting on the beach, looking at the beautiful sea water, and feeling the gentle touch of the sea water on your toes. Is it good to make your home an ocean? What are you waiting for? Let's take a look at the decoration effect drawing of the Mediterranean three rooms and two halls of the owner's home in Vanke West peninsula with Xiaobian. The 150000 all inclusive decoration cost makes the owner very satisfied

owner's decoration files: Decoration community: Vanke West Peninsula (more Vanke West Peninsula decoration renderings) house type: three bedrooms and two halls decoration cost: 150000 decoration method: all inclusive decoration style: Mediterranean decoration company: living home decoration

style analysis: like other styles, Mediterranean style has its unique aesthetic characteristics. In terms of color selection, it generally chooses soft colors that are close to nature, pays attention to spatial collocation in combination design, makes full use of every inch of space, and does not show cramped, does not lose atmosphere, and liberates open free space; It integrates decoration and application, avoids triviality in the combination of cabinet doors, and looks generous and natural, so that people can always feel the ancient and noble pastoral flavor and cultural taste of Mediterranean style furniture; Its unique Roman column like decorative lines are simple and lively, revealing the flavor of ancient civilization

decoration effect drawing of three bedrooms and two living rooms in Vanke West Peninsula

when I first saw the decoration effect of this living room, I felt a natural beauty. It seemed that when I came to the seaside, the beautiful blue gave me infinite beautiful reverie. The arched door has a clear Mediterranean style. The colors of the whole living room are blue and white, just like blue sky and white clouds, giving people the beauty of nature

decoration effect drawing of Vanke West Peninsula three bedroom two hall kitchen

the kitchen is also a large area of blue, giving people a natural feeling. Cooking in such a blue space is also a kind of enjoyment. In addition to giving people a good visual feeling, it is also very successful in functional design. The whole design line is very fluent, giving people a sense of openness

decoration effect drawing of three bedrooms and two living rooms in vankesi Peninsula

generally speaking, the structure of the inclined roof is annoying, but will you feel disgusted when we see this inclined roof? Thanks to the ingenuity of the designer, several strip-shaped frames are made on the roof, painted with blue paint, which matches well with the white front, and looks like piano keys. It seems to be able to play beautiful piano music

decoration effect drawing of three rooms and two halls bathroom in Vanke West Peninsula

we can see that the design of the bathroom is very simple, and the white tiles give people a clean feeling. The combination of the blue door, the pool table and the white wall gives people a simple, elegant and clean feeling

decoration list of the owner's home:

floor: nature enhanced composite floor Beiguo Qingfeng 89 yuan/square meter [Click to buy]

lamps: living room lamps bought from Taobao fashion lamps 800 yuan; Bedroom lamps 500 yuan

bathroom: shower room: Jiumu bathroom price 2999 yuan; Toilet Jiumu sanitary ware: 899 yuan/set; Bathroom rack, hook: Jiumu bathroom, 358 yuan in total

tiles: Marco Polo tiles, 7.8 yuan/piece, mosaic, 4980 yuan in total for the whole room

Wallpaper: Ruibao wallpaper 198 yuan/roll

curtains: Taobao purchase 28.5 yuan/㎡

table lamp: TB online shopping bedside table lamp 200 yuan/piece

porch shoe cabinet: Sophia wardrobe 2800 yuan

living room sofa: Chivas sofa 4999 yuan/set

Vanke Peninsula three bedroom two hall house type map

introduction to Vanke Peninsula community: Vanke West Peninsula project is located in the northwest of the urban area, belonging to the Jinyin Lake ecotourism area in the East and West Lake area of Hankou. It is 15 kilometers (20 minutes) away from the Northwest Lake Square of Hankou, 12 kilometers away from Hankou railway station, and 5 kilometers away from Vanke Four Seasons flower city, another large residential project that Vanke has developed in the East and West Lake area

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