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Come on, come on! Xiaoni home distribution recruits "user partners" and enjoys 20% return in 2 years! What are you waiting for

Xiaoni home distribution "user partner" equity

1 The seed fund invested by Xiaoni home distribution headquarters will receive a cash return of 10% in the first year and 10% in the second year based on the transaction amount

2. Get the one-on-one soft home collocation guidance provided by Xiaoni's senior soft home furnishing designer. As well as the design and renderings of private soft clothing

3. Participate in the research and development of the company's products and the improvement of services

4. Participate in internal activities and benefits organized by the company

5. Recommend friends to install first

6. The company has the priority to experience the internal test of new products

7. Enjoy the lifelong free maintenance service of the product

the final rights and obligations of user partners shall be subject to the effective legal documents

Xiaoni home accessories focuses on "whole house home customization +o2o", "online reservation, offline experience", "three network platform" and "free high-end design services", all of which are designed to enable users of Xiaoni home accessories to enjoy high-quality home services at a very low price

the belief that Xiaoni home distribution helps millions of users realize high-quality soft decoration has enabled us to get the support of the top institutions, and many investment institutions are competing to invest in Xiaoni home distribution. With the support of capital, we have better conditions and ability to practice our dreams and provide more practical and guaranteed services to our customers

why is Xiaoni home furnishing looking for user partner

for a brand, seed users are extremely valuable. Many companies spend a lot of money and resources on marketing publicity to find their initial users. The huge costs are finally paid by users, and the benefits really implemented on users are not many. Mobile Internet is an open and connected era. Every company has the opportunity to re-establish the relationship with users. We not only want to help you build a satisfactory home like falling in love, but also welcome you to become our partner, participate in the operation of the company, and share the dividends of the company's growth with us

Xiaoni home furnishing is different from other soft furnishings

expose everything to the sun and become the most transparent Internet soft furnishing in the industry. Xiaoni home furnishing focuses on "whole house home customization", which is positioned to serve the middle-end group. It takes only 30 days from order to check in

compared with traditional furniture stores, if you want to buy all the furniture at home, you may have to go to multiple furniture stores. In the end, the furniture of all brands are combined together, and their styles are very different, which does not achieve the desired effect at all. And because it can't be customized, the size of furniture often becomes a big problem. Xiaoni's home accessories are customized for the whole house. Except for the hard decoration, you can find everything you want here. Kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, furniture of three rooms and two halls, and our Tian'an wooden door. And we provide free measurement, free one-on-one service of high-end designers, free distribution, free installation, lifelong maintenance, and no hidden consumption in the whole process

we have created the four functions of three network services (APP, official wechat, official website) to find designers, find experience halls, measure rooms for free, and select cases, as well as the online DIY we use cloud computing to create for our customers. Without spending money on designers, we can create our own love home online, which solves the big problem that many people want to design but don't have the energy to design. We will not blindly pursue speed in order to reduce costs, but follow the natural law and adopt the most scientific 30 day construction period, which increases a lot of labor costs. But all this is not important. It is our value to protect your quality life and environmental health. We have done a lot of details like this, and we will never make any compromise on quality in order to save costs

return 10% in the first year and 10% in the second year. Xiaoni home distribution's "user partners" recruitment plan

the first batch of user partners plan to start in Taiyuan, Shanxi (December 5, 2015)

we will take the lead in finding 50 user partners in Taiyuan

what kind of people can become user partners

1 To become a partner of Xiaoni home distribution users, you need to buy whole house furniture

2. Willing to recommend Xiaoni's home accessories to friends around you

3. Willing to share the story of your family

4. Willing to show the built house as a model room

5. The top 50 customers who formally signed the contract and paid 10000 yuan of soft installation fee (subject to this), in chronological order, have complied with the above commitments at the same time

process of becoming a user partner of Xiaoni home distribution

1 Buy Xiaoni homestead N code to lock in the qualification

2. Add the official subscription number of Xiaoni home accessories

3. On December 5, the first 50 customers who formally signed up at Xiaoni home furnishing Taiyuan experience hall can become Xiaoni home furnishing user partners

Q & A about N code

Q: what is N code

answer: the N code represents your qualification of soft decoration in Xiaoni house, and you can give priority to the qualification of soft decoration in your city

Q: what is the scope of application of code n this time

A: at present, Xiaoni home distribution will carry out the first batch of user partner plans in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, and the follow-up will be carried out nationwide

on December 5, 2015, the city: Taiyuan, Shanxi

ask: can you use the type of N code

answer: I bought a whole house home, and I don't accept single products

ask: I don't have this n code, so I can't choose furniture from Xiaoni's house

answer: No. But with N code, you have the qualification to become a user partner. As a user partner, you can get a total of 20% cash back for two years

ask: how do I query the N code

answer: you can consult Xiaoni's wechat customer service or call the customer service number

ask: how do I use the N code

answer: the N code is your qualification certificate. With this code, you can sign up to become the user partner of Xiaoni home furnishing on the day of the opening of Xiaoni home furnishing Taiyuan Experience Hall on December 5

ask: is N code refundable

answer: it can be refunded. If you don't sign up to become Xiaoni home furnishing user partner on December 5, you can apply for a refund within 7 days. For the specific process, please consult Xiaoni home furnishing customer service wechat

Q: how long is the validity of N code

answer: this n code is exclusive for opening activities, and is only valid on the day of opening of Taiyuan store on December 5

ask: my city is not in this list, can I also buy n code

A: Although Xiaoni house is speeding up to your city, the specific opening time has not been determined. In order not to affect your stay, it is not recommended to buy. Thank you for your support

Q: can you definitely obtain the qualification of seed user partner after purchasing N code

answer: No, the quota is limited, first come, first served. The top 50 customers who formally signed the contract and paid 10000 yuan of soft installation fee (subject to this), in chronological order, have complied with the above commitments at the same time

ask: how to buy size n

answer: click the original text to read or identify the QR code to enter Xiaoni home accessories mall, and pay 1 yuan to buy the N code

if you are tired of running around in the furniture market, bargain, compare prices, and keep consulting

if you are busy at work and have no time to design a house

you can give your home to us

and return you a warm and comfortable home





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