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In June, emperors and nobles opened a new era of strong terminals, and their performance improved by leaps and bounds. Six days and five cities, and the next city on June 6, President Li of Yantai joined the emperor and noble family

June is a season of rapid progress, and everything is growing unchecked, especially the innate green, thick and deep, occupying the mountains and fields. Although it is against the flowers, it is actually green, fat, red and thin. Bamboo shoots spring up overnight, bamboo grows rapidly, joints bulge loudly, the grass is luxuriant on the original, and the towering trees in the forest add a ring of rings. In June, emperors and nobles opened a new era of strong terminals, and their performance improved by leaps and bounds. Six days and five cities, and the next city on June 6, President Li of Yantai joined the emperor and noble family

Yantai is located in the east of Shandong Peninsula, adjacent to Weihai in the East, Weifang in the west, Qingdao in the southwest, bordering on the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea, facing Japan and the Korean Peninsula across the sea. It is one of the first batch of coastal open cities in China, and an international port city, shopping mall and tourist city in the Bohai rim economic circle and East Asia. Yantai is close to the mountains and the sea, with a pleasant climate, without severe cold in winter and heat in summer. It is a famous tourist summer resort and leisure resort in northern China

Yantai has a long history and was called Zhifu in ancient times. According to the records of the historian, after the first emperor of Qin unified China, he visited the East three times and visited Zhifu Island three times; Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty also came to Zhifu to ascend the throne. Yantai has been built for more than 600 years. In AD 1398 (the 31st year of Hongwu in the Ming Dynasty), in order to prevent the invasion of sea invaders, Langyan pier was built in Zhifu, also known as "Langyan pier", from which Yantai got its name

Yantai is rich in tourism resources, with beautiful mountains and rivers and a pleasant climate. There are Kunyu Mountain, the birthplace of Chinese Taoism, Xufu's hometown, Qimu Island, as well as many bathing beaches, beautiful island bays and other natural scenery and historical and cultural relics, which form a rich natural landscape and cultural landscape. In summer, the sea breeze is gentle and refreshing; The flowers are blooming and refreshing; The sea and the mountains complement each other. It is not only a summer resort, but also an ideal place for tourists everywhere to travel and sightseeing

Yantai tourism is known as "three areas, ten scenic spots, one belt, four cities, five parks and six lines". The three areas are: Yantai golden beach provincial tourism resort, Yangma Island Provincial Tourism Resort, Penglai scenic spot; The ten scenic spots are: Penglai Pavilion, Changshan Island, Yunfeng mountain, Kunyu Mountain, Luoshan mountain, Qishan mother Island, Xufu's hometown, congmayuan, Mou's manor, Fengcheng Wanmi beach; One belt is the coastal sightseeing belt from Sanshan island in Laizhou in the west to Yangma island in Muping in the East; The four cities are: China folk custom Expo City, Huanghai amusement City, Tashan competitive amusement City, Zhifu Island coastal food city; The five parks are: World waterscape Park, Nanshan Park, Yantai Mountain Park, Paotai Mountain Park, Yuhuangding park; The six lines are: Qinshihuang's eastern tour line, Xufu Dongdu tour line, Jiaodong folk custom tour line, fairyland tour line on earth, cultural relics and historic sites tour line, and six island tour line on the sea. Yantai has become a veritable "excellent tourist city in China"

president Li of Yantai contacted our emperors and nobles through the Internet. After communication and understanding, President Li plans to open a full house customized store in Yantai, and three people together with friends manage the store. After a simple understanding, he learned that President Li has selected several well-known customized brands and is investigating them one by one, So our district manager invited President Li to visit our imperial noble custom-made home. He made an appointment to visit our imperial noble on May 22. President Li pays more attention to policy, and the new era of terminals that the emperor and noble are ready to open in June has solved most of the problems encountered by many terminal stores. After the interview, President Li is very satisfied, but said that he needs to consider negotiating with friends before deciding whether to sign a contract. After more than ten days of consideration, President Li decided to join the emperor and noble family. On June 6, our regional manager received president Li's deposit. Congratulations to President Li of Yantai for joining the royal family

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