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After decades of reform and opening-up and the deepening of globalization, more and more Chinese people are going out, and their horizons are becoming wider and wider. They are no longer like the consumption concept that only foreign countries praise and domestic people step on. With the upgrading of consumption and the rise of local enterprises, Chinese consumption has gradually become rational and no longer blindly pursue foreign brands. At a time when people are increasingly pursuing quality life, Deville believes that service-oriented upgrading has become a competitive weapon for wardrobe franchising terminal stores. Wardrobe terminal store needs service-oriented upgrade! Dewell, the overall wardrobe brand in 2018

at present, there are many wardrobe brands, many manufacturers and fierce competition. In China, there is no shortage of excellent manufacturers. If enterprises only limit their positioning to production, then the future development will be difficult. Because with the upgrading of consumption, consumers will take service as an important consideration when purchasing products no matter which brand they buy

however, enterprises should also realize that services are diversified and three-dimensional. Enterprises can try to meet the needs of customers for change on the premise of ensuring the maintenance quality through professional and technical customized wardrobe maintenance. Or personalize the product according to the user's personal preferences. If the enterprise can take service as the focus of customer maintenance in a timely manner, it can grasp the entry point, establish a good image in the hearts of users, and help improve the sales volume of the store

therefore, enterprise management should strengthen the team training of terminal stores and improve the service system. Under the new situation, customers may question and worry about the strength and reputation of the enterprise. Enterprises increase service efforts to reassure customers and persuade customers to trust the enterprise. For wardrobe enterprises, this is a more stable and absolutely beneficial business strategy for future development

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